Get Knee Pain Relief With These Easy-To-Do Home Remedies

Get Knee Pain Relief With These Easy-To-Do Home Remedies

Knee is pain is a common condition among people whether you’re old or young. Going to the gym, heavy workouts, walking too much, or bad posture can all be the possible reasons for bad knee pain. It can be caused by both long-term or short-term problems.

Most short-term knee problems do not need any professional assistance people can often recover on their own.

Home remedies also help with certain long-term knee problems.

Before you consult a doctor, which might be a hassle at times, let us introduce you to some effective home remedies, that can help you treat the knee pain without any medicines or aid.

Some top-notch natural home remedies for knee pain might just be the thing that you need.


Top 6 Home Remedies:

Physical Activities

  • Any sort of physical exercise done right helps indelaying the development of osteoarthritis (OA), one of the leading causes of knee pain.
  • Being physically active boosts the muscle strength, whether you have OA or not
  • Exercises strengthen your muscles and then are better at supporting you joints.
  • People who suffer from joint pains can also benefits from water aerobics as they help put some strain on the knee joints.

Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening the upper leg muscles with help of few exercises can protect your knee joint. These muscles are the ones around and at your thighs, front and sides.

Here are some ways to strengthen thigh muscles:

Few at home exercises to practice while sitting.

  • Step on an elevation, with one foot and then the other and step down one by one, repeat the process.
  • Sit and hand on a chair without the support of hands. Do it slowly in order to avoid any injury to the muscles.
  • Squat with a support for 10 minutes to put strain on knee caps.

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Posture and Support

Measures that can help to minimize knee stress include:

  • Avoid sitting in low couches where you have to sink in.
  • Use a pillow to level up your sitting can also help.
  • Make sure you have a good sitting posture, avoid slouching or leaning.
  • Wearing comfortable shoes can also support your muscles and avoid any ankle strain or muscle pull.
  • Make sure to stretch every 20 mins and move your joints to avoid stiffness and more pain.

Weight Loss and Diet

People with High BMI (Body Mass Index) or over weight tend to suffer more from joint or knee pain as extra weight puts pressure on the knees. Losing weight can help reduce the pain and possibility of arthritis.

Eating healthy does help in keeping off the weight

A healthful balanced diet includes:

  • high in protein and fiber
  • low in sugar, carbs and fats

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Massage with essential oils can help relieve pain and muscle strains.

Massaging the thigh muscles can help reduce the knee pain.

You can use oils like:

  • Aroma oils
  • Lavender oil
  • Hot oils

Heat and Cold

Applying heat or cold on the area of pain does help in getting relieved

  • Heat reduces stiffness and allows blood flow. A warm pad or heat pad help a lot when the pain is intolerable
  • Ice, coveredin a cloth, helps reduce pain, inflammation, also


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