Get Your Winter Fashion Game On Point

Get Your Winter Fashion Game On Point

Winter is the season for furs and cuddles, agree? When the weather gets ready to put chills down it is time to wear comfy woolen wears to keep ourselves warm. The most common fashion disaster that people do during the winters is to layer themselves up keeping the style and fashion at bay.  Who said you can’t look voguish in your pullovers, shawls and mufflers?

Shawls are often the most underrated winter wear. People keep it as an “extra” to cover themselves whereas you can beautifully carry shawls in different ways and raise your style quotient.

To wipe off all the common mistakes and misconceptions here is an ultimate guide to level up the winter fashion and roll in style.

Take your favourite shawl, wrap it around and use any belt to tighten the shawl from your waist to get a stylish look. This covers your arm and works well like a wrap.

This is another version of the first style. If you do not have a belt you can simply tie a knot and it still works the same adding another look.

You must have worn an off shoulder dress but you can actually turn a simple shawl into an off shoulder wrap. Wrap the shawl keeping a hand free. Let the fall of the shawl cover your one hand and to avoid it from falling pin it up with an attractive studded brooch.

If you have a big shawl that sweeps down the floor and you don't know how and where to carry it, worry not. This style is for the ignored shawl in your closet that needs attention, time and some creativity. Wrap it on your arms and let it have a fall from behind. Take two long straps that can be attached on the front side as shown so you can tie it and avoid it from falling.

This is an alternate way for the strap version. You can ensure it from falling but using some buttons and wearing it just like a sweater. It would be a great warmer and would complete your winter look with elegance.

Another styling technique is to get a shawl and wrap it like a poncho. Poncho is an outer garment that is designed to keep you warm and cozy. This look would be enhanced if you choose a knitted shawl as shown.

Next is a short DIY that can transform an ordinary shawl into an ultra modern look. Just attach a strap on one side of the shawl. Cover it up as you usually do and from one side just pack yourself by putting the extra end through the strap that you stitched. 

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