GI Tags of Madhya Pradesh

GI Tags of Madhya Pradesh
GI Tags of Madhya Pradesh

Geographical Indication abbreviated as a GI tag is an imperative element to preserve the culture of our nation and protect it legally. It is sign given to certain products that alludes to a specific geographical origin or location.

It is considered as a certification that a particular product is made as per some distinct traditional methods and has some unique qualities and reputation due to its geographical location.

When we talk about Madhya Pradesh, it has many products in its list which are awarded GI tags. It has many such unique products which depicts diversity and enriched culture and hence we can take pride in ourselves that we are no less than other states. Now let’s look at prosperous products of MP which are given GI tags.

1)  Chanderi SareesR

Chanderi Sarees

It has a 700 years of history, known for its distinctive style, It is made in Chanderi town of Madhya Pradesh, these sarees are made from the perfect blend of cotton and silk and decorated with beautiful coins, buds, designs of peacock , other geometrical designs and  in the border and butis gold zari work is done giving the fine texture and opulent feel. It takes about one week to one month to make such sarees.It illustrates the extreme hard work done by weavers and craftsmen.

2) Leather Toys, Indore(Toy as well as Logo)

Leather Toys Of Indore

The Leather Toys Of Indore are made in such a way that you feel it is real, they are shaped in a way which make it seem real. The appearance of the skin is achieved by using especially made equipments giving it the realistic view. For eg you can see the horse or any other animal going through different emotions such as running, galloping, neighing.

3) Bagh Prints Of Madhya Pradesh( Prints as well as Logo)

Bagh prints of MP

Its name is evolved from the village of Bagh in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh located on the banks of Bagh river. It is typified as Hand printed wooden block prints with replicated geometrical and floral compositions made with vegetable colours of black and red over white background making it a popular textile printing product.

4) Bell metal ware of Datia and Tikamgarh

Bell metal ware

Metal work of Tikamgarh and Datia district is famous for its superior quality and elegance. They are made by the method of metal casting. The mixture of raw materials such as industrial wax, groundnut oil and binding resin is used as a modeling material. Craftsmen make numerous items from these metals such as toys, figures of animals , gods, etc.which are then sold in local markets as well as used for export purposes.

5) Maheshwar Sarees and Fabrics

The authentic Maheshwari saree is made with cotton and pure silk, its speciality it was developed under the guidance of the queen Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar. It is woven  in an aesthetic zari style giving it a royal look.

It is woven with the method which is preserved from the community since the 5th century AD. On the main part of the sarees, it has beautiful checks, stripes, buties. Maheshwar is a city in the Khargone District  Of Madhya Pradesh. Its beautiful GI tags.

6) Ratlami Sev

Ratlami Sev

This mouth watering, crispy and yellow colored snack is something you can’t resist. It is a Ratlma made, a small town in Malwa Region of Madhya Pradesh. This famous Ratlami Sev was prepared accidently in 19th century and has an interesting story behind it.

So, they asked Bhil tribe to make it with Gram flour, then they prepared this delicious Bhildi sev which is now known as Ratlami Sev. It has many spices like Black pepper, cloves , other peppers which enhances its flavours.

7) Jhabua Kadaknath Black Chicken meat

Jhabua Chicken

Kadaknath Black meat is known for its pleasant taste alongwith high protein and low taste, it is found mainly in tribal district of Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh. Kadaknath breed is extremely resistant to diseases.

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