Golden Tips For Budget-Friendly Travel To Thailand

Golden Tips For Budget-Friendly Travel To Thailand

A trip to Thailand can cost as much or as little as per your budget. This little paradise country accommodates all kinds of budgets. You can stay in a $3 room or get a $1000 resort, all up to you. There are activities that cost you a big amount of your budget but there are free beaches and inexpensive attractions as well.

Your budget for a Thailand trip depends heavily on what kind of traveller you are. There are people who like their trip to a foreign land to be exotic so it costs more. Then some people live like locals in a new country which can be challenging but definitely save you moolah.

Here’s a breakdown of the approximate budget for a Thailand trip:

(Single person for a 12-day trip, all prices are in Thai Baht)

  1. Accommodation (Mix of cheap guest houses, beach bungalows & luxury jungle huts) -6782.5
  2. Flights in and around Thailand- 2100
  3. Transportation (mix of public buses, trains & taxis)- 735
  4. Ferry (for island hopping)- 937.5
  5. Diving in Thailand (Ko Tao)- 400
  6. Hiking in Thailand (Khao Sok)- 600
  7. Drinks (expensive!)- 5500
  8. Museums and sightseeing tickets – 200
  9. Health emergency (if any) -2000
  10. Food (street food, seafood, international meals in Bangkok) – 5500
  11. Water- 100
  12. Miscellaneous- 1000

Total Budget: 25, 855 Baht or 776.67 USD

This budget is created keeping in mind that you’ll enjoy a mix of activities while saving money at times while splurging at others. The budget might vary depending on your itinerary and preferences.

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Here are 7 golden tips for budget travel to Thailand. If you follow these tips, you are bound to cut down your budget according to your liking:

Eat Street Food

Street food in Thailand is incredibly cheap and authentic. Some of the best meals that you will have in Thailand are the ones you eat while walking around the city on the roads. Street food not only is cheap but it also allows you to try out different dishes for less money.

Insider’s tip: Choose a busy stall because their food has quick turnaround times, which means fresh food

Do Not Book Your Hotel Online

There is no doubt that finding a hotel online is comfortable but finding a local place to stay in person is cheaper. You can check the place yourself if it’s as per your comfort and you can also haggle the prices, get free upgrades and perks as well.

Insider’s Tip: If you want to stay for free, you can also opt for couch surfing at a stranger’s home

Shop At A Weekend Market

Budget travel to Thailand doesn’t mean that you cannot shop your heart out. But at the same time, you do not need to break your banks as well. Local markets are the best place to find amazing deals on clothing, food and souvenirs. Weekend markets allow you to use your bargain skills and find unique items.

Insider’s Tip: Keep aside the money you want to spend for shopping, otherwise you could blow your budget

Buy Alcohol At Convenience Stores

If you like to be sloshed on your trips then a major chunk of your travel budget in Thailand will go to alcohol. Drinks are three times costlier in bars than at convenience stores. Local beer at a convenience store will cost you about 3-4 Baht.

Insider’s tip: buying imported will make a hole in your pocket, stick to drinking like the locals

Use Public Transportation

Like anywhere else in the world, public transportation is cheaper than hiring taxis. Public buses are not only easy to use in Thailand but they also cost you very little- around 20 cents per ride.

Insider’s tip: It’s okay to indulge sometimes, choose your transportation according to your need at the moment.

Haggle The Cost Of Activities

Like every other famous tourist place, charges for fun activities are different for locals and tourists. You can haggle the cost of some tours, locals activities and other events.

Insider’s tip: Read this guide for water activities in Thailand to know how much you should pay

Visit Thailand In Off-Season

Although Thailand is a year-round destination, if you travel during the summer months you can get the best Thailand tour packages. From May to August you can save at least 15-20 % on your accommodation and activities expenses.

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Top Affordable Hotels In Thailand:

  1. Samui Paradise Chaweng Beach Resort & Spa
  2. Pa Sak Tong
  3. The Senses Resort & Pool Villas
  4. Sudala Beach Resort
  5. The Jungle Club

Top 10 Cheap Eats In Thailand:

  1. The Family
  2. Markintiny Restaurant
  3. Lamphu Tree Thai Restaurant
  4. All Meals Sawasdee
  5. Konnichipan
  6. Zabbanglove
  7. The Sixth
  8. Kurissara Thai Cuisine
  9. View Rooftop Bar Bangkok
  10. Unbranded Cafe

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