Guide To Highlight And Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets

Guide To Highlight And Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets

One of the most popular and widely used Google products is ‘Google Sheets’ which lets you create & format spreadsheets in your web browser. The best thing about it is that multiple people can work simultaneously. However, you can come across problems like duplicate entries if you maintain large spreadsheets. Here’s how you can highlight and remove duplicates easily. Follow the guide to learn and become a spreadsheet pro in no time.

Highlight Duplicates In Google Sheets 

To highlight the duplicates, you can change the cell color or text color. Follow the steps below to remove Google Sheets duplicate entries,

Step 1: First of all, open your Google Sheets

Step 2: Select the column you wish to remove duplicates for

Step 3: Click on data, you will find an option for ‘View more cells option’

Step 4: In the ‘View more cell’ you get to see ‘Conditional Formatting’

Step 5: You are now presented with a drop-down list under the format rules. Select ‘Custom Formula’

Step 6: Enter the value for the Custom formula. For example, the formula for column A is ‘=countif (A1: A, A1)>1

Step 7: Select a color or shade to highlight the column

Step 8: Hit ‘Done’ once you are satisfied. The column will get highlighted

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Remove Google Sheets Duplicate Entries

Step 1: Open your Google Sheet

Step 2: Highlight the column you want to remove the duplicates for

Step 3: Hit on Data, and you will see the ‘Remove Duplicate’ option

Step 4: Tap on it and a pop-up screen will appear. Tick the box that’s available next to Data

Step 5: Hit ‘Remove Duplicate’ & press ‘Done’

Step 6: Repeat the process, if you want to remove duplicates from other columns as well

This is how you can highlight and remove duplicates on a Google spreadsheet. If you are looking for the quickest way to remove duplicates, then you need to download ‘Remove Duplicates by Ablebits’. It’s a Google add-on to clear duplicate values or rows. 

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