The Most Active Hawaii Kilauea Volcano is Erupting Once Again 

The Most Active Hawaii Kilauea Volcano is Erupting Once Again 
Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Eruption Begin

Hawaii Kilauea Volcano begins its eruption once again. A week before Hawaii’s Mauna Loa erupted for the first time in decades. 

Kilauea volcano stopped its eruption last month for the first time since September 2021.  

Both Kilauea and Mauna eruptions had increased earthquake activity beneath its summit. 

Last year both volcanic eruptions stopped last week. 

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory and the US Geological Survey said on Thursday that “Kilauea volcano is erupting. A glow was detected in nearby webcam images “indicating that the eruption has resumed within Halemaumau crater in Kilauea’s summit caldera at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.” 

Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Eruption Poses No Danger 

US Geological Survey raised an alert level for Kilauea after detecting a sign that the volcano might erupt. 

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency said on social media that the eruption is currently confined to the crater and poses no hazard to communities. 

Its 2018 eruption was one of the most destructive ones that destroyed hundreds of homes and the surrounding area was evacuated.

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