Anil Kapoor’s Age-Defying Fitness Secrets, Workout Routine & Diet

Anil Kapoor is one of those actors who has left us stunned with his marvelous and brilliant acting skills. He has appeared in more than a hundred films and won various prestigious awards. He has also acted in international movies like Slumdog Millionaire, Mission Impossible 4, and many more.

This Bollywood veteran actor is the father of three grown-ups but he still looks young, smart, and energetic. Many of his fans claim his charm, energy, and persona are timeless.

His disciplined lifestyle and age-defying fitness mantras produced immense curiosity among youths. So, he has disclosed his fitness secret & workout routine so that youngsters can get motivation out of it.

Let’s see what makes this 64-year-old actor so fit and healthy.

Anil Kapoor Workout Routine

Anil Kapoor spends two to three hours daily in the gym. However, there’s a possibility this time could be extended as per the role he’ll be playing in his upcoming movie.

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He loves cycling and jogging first thing in the morning and prefers to do cardio every day for at least 10 minutes. He strongly believes different parts of the body must be given attention and care.

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So, he included sit-ups, chair squats, free weights, crunches, and push-ups to target the specific muscles.

It would be fascinating to know the actor also practices yoga.

Anil Kapoor’s super-energetic persona has left inspired young actors like Ranveer Singh. Since Ranveer worked with Anil in “Dil Dhadakne Do” and in an interview, he remarked:

“I hope I can have the same kind of drive and passion when I am at that stage. He is disciplined about what he eats, even if we're rolling at 5 in the morning. He will get up at quarter to four to do his cardio so his face looks fresh in front of the camera."

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Anil Kapoor Diet

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Since he believes in following a disciplined and ordered lifestyle, he doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. He stays positive and stays away from stress.

Anil Kapoor also avoids junk foods, sugary foods, but prefers to eat lots of dairy products.

He drinks one full bottle of water on an empty stomach and then eats a sandwich that has lettuce, egg, cabbage in breakfast. He also eats cereals and oats for breakfast sometimes.

Anil Kapoor likes to drink apple juice and strawberry milkshake. For lunch, he eats boiled broccoli and celery. He takes salad with different dressings & sauce for dinner. Sometimes, he eats boiled pulses with brown rice.

Anil Kapoor quotes:

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“I wake up at 6 a.m. and thereafter I have a banana, which provides me with carbohydrates, potassium, and iron. I have around five to six meals a day, which means a meal every two and a half hours. I count my calories with every meal.”

Anil Kapoor Health Tips

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle & avoid smoking
  • Concentrate on different sections of the body and give them time
  • Practice yoga along with gym workout
  • Think positive & live stress-free

Anil Kapoor loves to indulge in fitness and workout regime. He strongly believes each one of us should start living a stress-free lifestyle. This is his secret sauce for a youthful body and mind.

You can also follow his simple and easy workout and diet regime to transform your life and make it healthy.