Don't EAT These 10 Healthy Foods, They Are Not What You Think

Don't EAT These 10 Healthy Foods, They Are Not What You Think
10 healthy foods that are actually not healthy

There are many foods we buy from the market on the basis of their health benefit but do we actually eat healthy foods, Ans. is No.

Because of health halo effects where foods seem nutritious to us but they are actually not healthy.

Unfortunately, we include this in our diet because of the tag low in fats, loaded with minerals, and low in carbs.

When we check its nutritional facts and labels we found out the truth which is far from what we expected.

Healthy Foods That Are Actually Unhealthy –

1. Flavoured Yogurt

Everyone loves the taste of flavored yogurt and health-conscious people love to add extra flavor to their taste.

You bought it just by thinking that it is nutritious for you.

  • But in reality, the average cup of flavored yogurt contains - 30 grams of sugar equal to chocolate bars
  • A better option - Simple plain yogurt has a plethora of prebiotics that are healthy for your gut flora.
  • Make your own flavored Yogurt – Buy any plain yogurt from the market and add berries and fresh fruits to it.

2. Plant-Based Milk –

These days it is a trend among vegan people to drink plant-based milk.

People think that soy, almond, and rice milk are better than cow’s milk.

You think that plant-based milk is healthy but in fact, it is unhealthy because packed fortified milk is loaded with fats and sugars.

  • A better option – Instead of choosing fortified plant-based milk, you should opt for cow’s milk which is more nutritious.

3. Granola –

Granola bars are considered to be healthy because they are rich in nutrients and packed with nuts and dry fruits.

But actually, bars that are loaded with nuts and dried fruits are coated with sugar, corn syrup, honey, and molasses.

  • One Granola Bars - 9 grams of sugar
  • A Better Option – Muesli rich in protein and nutrients, without any chemical additives

4. Multi-Grain Bread –

You all get happy when you buy a pack of multi-grain bread which is rich in nutrients.

This multi-grain bread actually stripped the bread of its nutrients during the processing and making of bread.

  • A better option – Choose whole grains bread and avoid the word ‘enriched’ in the ingredients list of the packet.

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5. Low Fat Peanut Butter –

Don’t go for it just by the name of low fat. Low-fat peanut butter is not rich in nutrition.

Makers add additives and sugars to the butter, which are unhealthy for your health.

  • A better option – Instead you should opt for full-fat peanut butter. Monosaturated fats are boosters for your heart health.

6. Dried Fruits –

Dried fruits are sweetened for your tongue but it is on the list of foods that are unhealthy.

Dried apricots, plums, pineapples, Kiwis, and persimmons are completely dried from water, which is the main essence of nutrition.

Knock knock all the health lovers! These are rich sources of sugars and calories.

  • A better option – You should enjoy fresh fruits such as pineapple, apples, and Kiwis and get the dose of vitamins and minerals for your body.

7. Vegan, Gluten-Free, or Organic Snacks –

For all vegan and organic food lovers, not all organic foods and gluten-free products in the market are health friendly.

Gluten-free, organic, and vegan snacks and desserts are filled with calories and other addititives, which have side effects on your health.

  • A better option – you can try gluten-free oats, try garden fresh organic vegetables in your diet

8. Sports Drinks –

Whenever we see any sportsperson drinking a sports drink, we instantly assume that it is healthy for our body and boosts our performance.

Their main selling point is that it provides you with electrolytes and carbohydrates.

Sports drinks are nothing just sugar water and artificial food coloring add no benefit to your health.

  • A study published in the journal ‘obesity’ found that individuals who drink one sports drink every day gained more weight over a three-year span than those who do not.
  • A better option – For electrolytes and energy, you should choose coconut water and banana instead.

9. Plant-Based Meat Products –

Many celebrities and players these days flaunt a vegan diet and advocate plant-based meat.

Store-bought plant-based meat products are highly processed foods packed with salt, sugar, and other things.

  • A better option – You can choose whole-food ingredients like whole grains, nuts & seeds, beans & legumes to make your own meat at home

10. Breakfast Cereal –

Breakfast cereal is always the best option to start your morning routine.

But many breakfast cereals are made up of refined grains, lack nutrients, and fibers, and are loaded with extra sugar.

  • Cereal name Honey Nut Cheerios are selling on the point that they are heart-healthy, but it is not true
  • One cup of cereal is loaded with 12 grams of added sugars, which doesn’t promote heart health

Many studies already suggest that added sugar is linked with an increased risk of heart disease.

A better option – You can add quinoa to your diet with high fibers, proteins, and iron in it other option is Muesli.

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 There are lists of foods that are unhealthy for us, better choose healthy options for your diet. Don't go blind by the ingredients and gluten-free tag, select your food option wisely.


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