Hollywood Celebrities Who Battled Drug Addiction and Won

Hollywood Celebrities Who Battled Drug Addiction and Won
Hollywood Celebrities Battled Drug Addiction

The glittery, shining, and glamorous world of Hollywood in L.A. is a dream for many people. But what you do not see is the darker side of it. Drug and substance abuse becomes a part of many celebs, it's like a norm in Hollywood society. But few Hollywood celebrities battled the drug addiction and reclaim their lives.

Here you can see the list of some famous Hollywood celebrities who are now living a sober life without the drugs.

Hollywood celebrities who battled drug addiction and won

1)Robert Downey Jr.-

Hollywood celebrities battled drug addiction: Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man always tops the list of Hollywood celebrities who battled drug addiction and won. He faced so many ups and downs in the late 90s when he was arrested three times in 1996, 1999, and 2001 for custody of drugs and found out high in substances. He was replaced from the movies and fired from the famous tv show Ally Mcbeal because of his drug charges.

Downey is now free from drugs and has been living a sober life since 2003. His wife supported him in fully recovering from drug addiction.

2) Bradley Cooper-

Silver Lining Playbook star also went into the spiral of drug abuse in his 20s. His role in the famous show Alias was cut to short, because of this he considered qutting the show business and went into depression and drug addiction. Later he was so ashamed of his life and how damaged it had done to his life, that he finally took the decision in 2003, at the age of 29 to stop using them.

Since then he is living a sober life and afterward his success take new heights and he gave so many notable performance in a movies like The hangover,  Nightmare Alley, A Star Is Born and many more for which he was nominated 9 times in oscar. Now he is the highest-grossing star in Hollywood.

3)Lindsay Lohan-

Hollywood celebrities battled drug addiction: Lindsay lohan

Talking about Hollywood celebrities who battled drug addiction and do not mention Mean Girls actress, is not a good idea.

Her life is not good as it should be, with a promising career in the future, it took a bad turn when she started using drugs and got arrested in 2007 for a drunk and drive case and convicted in the same year for cocaine use. She was convicted again in 2010,2011 and 2013 and went multiple times in rehab. Her life became a complete mess and she got rejected by many producers because of her non Professional behavior.

Due to drug addiction and bad behavior, she is now out of Hollywood but after 2013, she is trying hard to maintain her sobriety.

4)Drew Berrymore-

Hollywood celebrities battled drug addiction: Drew Berrymore

Charlie's angels actress got into the fame world at the age of 7 when she first appeared in a movie E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Drew was introduced to the drug night party by her mom in her childhood days, who took her to the nightclubs. She started smoking at the age of 9, started drinking alcohol at the age of 11, started marijuana at the age of 12, and became a cocaine addict at the age of 13. Her mother admitted her to the institution at the age of 13 and she tried to commit suicide at 14 years of age.

She was black-listed from Hollywood due to drug addiction but made a comeback at the age of 17 from the movie Poison Ivy and never look back. Now she is living a sober life with her two daughters.

5)Russell Brand-

Hollywood celebrities battled drug addiction: Russell Brand

Famous stand-up comedian and Tv host Russell's brand childhood were not good, when he was a child, his parents got a divorce. He started using drugs at the age of 16, which continued till 2003 when he hit rock bottom leading him to fire from his MTV and radio show. He was arrested 12 times due to drug addiction and aggressive behavior.

It was at this time he took a serious decision and join a rehab program. He is now sober since 2003 and following a spiritual path.

6)Zac Efron

Hollywood celebrities battled drug addiction: Zac Efron

High School Musical movie star got fame early but he is also one of the Hollywood celebs who battled drug addiction and won.

living in the continuous limelight and getting clicked by the paparazzi all the time, did not allow Zac to live his true version. He was afraid to do his hobby like surfing, and swimming due to fear of media and eventually, he went into burnout. This lead him into the dark world of drug addiction and he went into rehab two times in 2013 and 2014.

Then he took a wise decision and took therapy. Now he is living a discipline life and enjoying his true version.

7)Samuel L. Jackson-

Hollywood celebrities battled drug addiction: Samuel L. Jackson

Avengers star taste the drugs, in the late 1970s when he was struggling to get the proper job as an actor. Use of marijuana and LSD continued in the 1980s, which did not allow him to perform well as an actor.

A wake-up call came in 1991 when he was found unconscious due to drug overdose in the kitchen by his wife. His wife helped him to get admitted to rehab. After that, he stopped drug use and never look back and his career skyrocketed, when he appeared in the famous movie Pulp Fiction.

Today he is the highest-grossing actor of all time, with massive success.

8)Kristen Dunst-

hollywood celebrities battled drug addiction: Kristen Dunst

Spider-Man actress hit the news in 2008 when she attended a drug rehabilitation center in Utah. She started using drugs after breaking up with her then-boyfriend Johnny Borrell. Her mother's intervention helps her to fully recover from the drug addiction.

Kristen Dunst appeared in the Hollywood industry at the age of three. She appeared in famous movies like Jumanji, An Interview with the Vampire, Spider-Man Trilogy, and others.

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9)Angelina Jolie-

Hollywood celebrities battled drug addiction: Angelina Jolie

Tomb Raider stars also one of those Hollywood celebrities who battled drug addiction and won. Angelina Jolie was considered to be a wild child in her teens, as she began her career in her teens. She used every type of drug to get relief from past trauma, although her filmy career was not affected badly, but it affected her health.

She went into rehab and now living a sober life, with her six children and spending more time on humanitarian causes.

10)Jamie Lee Curtis-

Hollywood celebrities battled drug addiction: Jamie Lee Curtis

Famous Hollywood actress, always advocating drug addiction therapy. She became an addict in the initial days of her acting career when she underwent plastic surgery for her eyes' puffiness. She took Vicodin with alcohol but she was a very controlled addict.

She take a journey of healing in 1999 when she read an article in Esquire magazine about other drug addicts' recovery, which inspired her to attend rehab. After that, she is following sobriety.

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Many of the celebrities, who battled the drug addiction and won, reported in the interview, that constant media pressure and performing well and sometimes their childhood trauma lead them to this dark world. Child actors early appearance in the limelight and fame lead them to destructive behavior and drug addiction. But many of them won this battle and now living their life with full potential.

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