Hookah Bars & Lounges Shut in MP Under Nasha Mukti Abhiyan

Hookah Bars & Lounges Shut in MP Under Nasha Mukti Abhiyan
Hookah Bars & Lounges Shut in MP Under Nasha Mukti Abhiyan

On the strict instructions of CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the state police are actively searching for drug addicts in MP. The investigations were conducted at more than 2,400 places in 24 hours and found more than 3,000 accused.

After seeing the statistics, Chief Minister called a review meeting under “Nasha Mukti Abhiyan” on Monday, which includes all the SPs and top-level officers of the state. 

In the meeting, Shivraj instructed everyone to take strict action druggies. He also commands to shut down the Hookah bar and lounges. 

Here’s a quick recap of the meeting. 

CM Shivraj Conducted a Meeting on “Nasha Mukti Abhiyan”

A day before Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Ujjain, CM called a meeting on Saturday, which includes SPs and top-level officers of almost every district. In that meeting, he started a campaign “Nasha Mukti Abhiyan” against drugs. 

CM instructed all the officials to take immediate action against those who sell and purchase drugs illegally. He also commanded them to shut down all the Hookah Bars and Lounges across the state. 

So, as per his instructions, the police started an operation against druggies and found 3,000 accused across the state on its first day. According to reports, the operation took place in around 2,400 locations.

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Thereafter, Shivraj Singh Chauhan called a review meeting on Monday morning. 

DGP Sudhir Saxena reported that “The police have so far investigated different cases at more than 2,400 places in the state and more than 3,000 accused.” 

He continued “We’ve also filed 189 cases under Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS Act). Besides it, we’ve seized 334.24 kg of narcotic substances from the dealers.”

The CM became impressed by the quick action and said “We have to strike the roots of the illegal business of drugs and other intoxicants to complete this great campaign. It was a very effective action and I congratulate all the colleagues in our districts.

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