How To Boost Your Energy Instantly During Lockdown

How To Boost Your Energy Instantly During Lockdown

The lockdown has affected the mental health of even the healthiest among us in some or another way. Fatigue, lethargy, laziness, procrastination, all of them are a constant feeling among us. But if not addressed on time, these feelings can cause severe anxiety and mental issues to an individual. If you want to know how to increase energy levels by taking simple steps every day, keep reading: 

Plan Your Day

Planning a day will give you a sense of control over your time. You can decide what all you can do during those given hours. Also, ticking off a checkbox gives a sense of achievement as well. So make sure to write a simple to-do list, including even the most mundane tasks of the day and have the pleasure of ticking off each of them. 

Daily Exercise

Cliché, but for a reason. Exercise are a proven source of energy. And not to forget the mental boost it gives for achieving something. Get your blood flowing and muscles moving to nourish your body. It doesn’t need to be an hour-long HIIT session, few simple stretches, jogging in one place and skipping can increase energy levels.  

Sleep Schedule

Since we are all staying home and the day seems to have no structure, our sleep schedule has been affected severely. Also, the increased usage of phone and laptops have affects the sleep cycle. Take a healthy sleep by fixing a time for it. Do not use your phone 1 hour before sleeping. It will help you in retaining the higher levels of energy the next day

Take Nutritious Food

Healthy food is the vital source of energy. There are several foods that boost energy. Though all food gives your energy, there are some super energy foods that contain important nutrients. Colorful fruits, green leafy vegetables, eggs, dry fruits etc are known to be full of energy that can fuel your entire day. Drinks or snacks with loads of sugar provide a short-lived boost but also cause a sudden drop in energy also known as hypoglycemia. So avoid sugary drinks and make healthier choices.

Get Dressed

Such a simple task, but yield big effects on the mind. Every day, make sure to take some time out in making yourself presentable, even if you don’t have to be anywhere. Doing skincare, changing out of your nightdress and combing your hair will not only make your feel good but will also have a positive impact on your mind, hence a higher level of energy. 

Meditate/ Breathe

Mindfulness is a must in today’s chaotic life. Take out some time for meditation or breathing exercises. There are many resources and applications online to help you with it. You can start your day with it. Or, you can also take a quick break to meditate whenever you feel overwhelmed. Meditation is an instant energy booster. 

Pour It On Paper

Lower energy can be a result of constant chattering in the mind and procrastination. You can clear your head by doing a 5-minute journal every day. It gives clarity to your thoughts and helps you in proceeding with a clear mind. You can simply take a pen and paper and write whatever comes to your mind. Complains, regrets, anger, gratitude, dreams, anything that occupies your headspace. 

Switch Off

Take some time off from social media. There is so much information out there that it overwhelms even the most-think-skinned person among us. Do not start and end your day with social media. Monitor the hours you are spending online and if it’s more than 2 hours then you should control your habit. 


Enjoy some guilt-free me-time. Have a cup of tea while sitting on your balcony or terrace. Submerge yourself in a book. Take an elaborated shower. Watch Tom and Jerry. Pamper yourself in whichever way you think is right. Fully enjoy this time and refuel your energy. 

Stay Hydrated

A study reveals that even mild dehydration can have effects on your mood, energy level, and ability to think clearly. Fatigue can be a result of dehydration in your cells. Keep sipping water throughout your day. Preferably keep a bottle handy so that you are always reminded of water. 

This is how you can boost your energy during quarantine. What tips do you follow to get things done every day? Share with us in the comments below. 

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