Peer Pressure : How To Deal With Negative Effects of It?

Peer Pressure : How To Deal With Negative Effects of It?
Causes and Ways to deal with Peer Pressure

In some way or the other, we all are influenced by our peers or fellows. We all get indulged in some activities or habits either consciously or unconsciously by following our peers. Sometimes we also get involved because of the fears that we may miss out on some “seem to be” enjoyment. Isn’t that a side-effect of peer pressure. 

 What Is Peer Pressure? 

It is the type of pressure or influence from your peers or contemporaries to act in a certain way by modifying attitudes, beliefs, values, behavior, sometimes thoughts in order to confirm to your peer group. Your decision-making part is even affected by your peers.

Two Important Types Of Peer Pressure

  • Positive Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure is not always bad. We can adopt some positive learnings from it, If we go in the right direction. It can be a source of motivation too. For example, if you have a peer who has a good habit of involving in social cause activities, or you see he or she is more courteous than you towards his elders. So, you will adopt these good habits.

  • Negative Peer Pressure

Peer pressure becomes negative when it goes in the wrong direction when you adopt something which is against your principle. For example if you observe your peer showing disrespect towards their elders and is rude towards them. And you adopt this habit, then it might lead you to trouble.

 Vulnerable Group

Well, it is rightly said that teenagers are much prone to get influenced by their peers. It is because of their innocence and immaturity. They easily get moulded in anything whatever they experience and watch. But it is not only teenagers, but adults also sometimes fall prey to the impact of peer pressure.

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 Causes of Peer Pressure

Well before moving further on how to tackle with negative effects of Peer Pressure, Let’s see what causes Peer Pressure.

  • Problems in Personality and Attitude

Instability in behavior, your mindset, thoughts and your way to being adapted to your group has a great impact. Your attitude defines your personality. If you have a rigid attitude and a weak personality, you can easily get influenced by others.

  • Social Media

Nowadays social media can easily influence you negatively. By seeing some happy images or posts of your friends, peers, and acquaintances can make you feel insecure.

  • Excessive Need To Fit In And Fear Of Being Rejected

Undoubtedly we all are social animals and love to be associated with other groups. For being in groups some people start doing some activities which are against their nature. Humans become so desperate that they start forgetting their own ideas, values. And hence they become an easy target of negative peer pressures.

  • Upbringing

Our parents have authority over us and teach some values, habits and we are greatly influenced by them. The way we are brought up decides that are we strong or weak in getting influenced by others.

  • Hormones

This is especially true for teenagers. At this point in time, their hormones are raging. And hence can make them prone to peer pressure.

  • Excessively Ambitious

Nowadays everyone wants to achieve many things and that too very early. Hence due to this, it might be possible that you indulge in bad company.

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 Ways to Deal With Negative Peer Pressure

1. Learn To Accept Yourself 

Peer pressure evolves from the need of seeking acceptance from peer groups. First, accept yourself, accept the way you are. And there is no need to change just to impress others, no need to be a people pleaser. If your fellows like you, and they are on the right path, they will accept you the way you are.

2. Learn to Say No

Parents should teach their adolescents to say ‘No’ right away if something is against their values or principles. It is not necessary to do everything that others are doing. If you feel uncomfortable in some situations, make a distance from it.

3. Work On Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem

It is very necessary to be considerate about your self-esteem. You should know your worth. Believe in yourself. Be confident about your activities and whatever you do. There is no need to unnecessarily seek approval from others all the time. Having low esteem can make you an easy target of the negative impact of your peers.

4. Talk To Your Parents Or Elders

If you are unsure about something, there is no problem to seek help from your parents or elder siblings. They are there to help you. Communicate about your confusions to them, after all, they are your parents, they will understand you, show you the right direction. Searching for help from your peers will lead you nowhere.

5. Cut On The Social Media

Social Media is the biggest influencer nowadays. It can steer you in a difficult situation, and has a great impact on your psychology too. There is a great difference between the real life and the fake life of Facebook, Instagram, etc. No need to create problems in your life just by seeing someone else’s social media.

6. Stop Comparing 

Well, we all are familiar with this saying that, “grass always looks greener on another side”. Comparing your life with others and always complaining, make you easily fall prey to the influence of your peers. You feel that by connecting with them you can acquire the life and things others have.

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7. Have Faith and Make God Your Best Friend

When you have utmost faith in the power of God. And believe that he is always by your side. You will feel complete fulfillment. This way you can become emotionally strong. Then you will never seek acceptance from your peers. All this will look unimportant to you.

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