How To Download And Share Google Photos Album?

How To Download And Share Google Photos Album?

Google has ended its free unlimited storage for its users on Google Photos. Now users have to pay once the storage exceeds the free 15GB storage cap. This can cause a little bit of difficulty for those who have been using the Google Photos app for years.

But not to worry, here in this guide we will let you know how you can download and share your photos & videos using a laptop.

How to download all photos from Google Photos to a computer?

You will require Google Takeout. It’s a tool offered by Google to users to take all their data and store it on a computer hard drive. This makes selecting and downloading photos and videos easy and effective.

You just need to select the photo or video by clicking on it and tapping shift-click. Now click the three dots and download the photo/video. The tool allows you to make 500 per download.

If you want to add photos to the album, the limit is 20,000. Follow the process to download a photo album on the web,

Step 1-click on “ALBUMS” available in the left menu

Step 2- now select the “ALBUM” you wish to share

Step 3-you can select “MULTIPLE” photos as well

Step 4-next click on the 3 dots available in the upper right corner & hit the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button

Step 5-finally google downloads a zip file that will contain your photos taken from the album

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How to download an album using mobile photos application?

Here, you need to make a workaround. You can use Google Takeout on your device browser and follow the give below points,

Step 1-select albums in the photo app

Step 2-hit the album you wish to download

Step 3-press & hold the photo until you see a checkmark on it

Step 4-now drag your finger downward until all the photos get checked in the album

Step 5-next hit the “SHARE” icon that is available on the top right

Step 6-finally, you can download the entire photos to your Google Drive or email them to yourself

This is how you can download and share Google Photos Album on your laptop and smartphone.

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