How to Fix Your Mobile Phone Internet Issue & Improve Your Internet Speed

How to Fix Your Mobile Phone Internet Issue & Improve Your Internet Speed
Tips to fix internet issue on mobile

If you have mobile phone with high internet speed, you can do anything on your mobile phone, like reading, watching movies, downloading files, booking tickets and ordering your food etc. But if in any case your internet get slow down, your work get interrupted and your mood also get spoiled.

Due to internet issues your files take a longer time to download, pages are failed to reload, your online calls are interrupted many times, slow video upload and other things are really annoying.

But you can fix your mobile internet connection by applying simple tricks. Solutions are a little bit different for android and iPhones.

Tips to fix the internet issue on a mobile phone –

Restart Your Device –

One of the first things we can do is when we face a slow internet connection to restart your android or iPhone devices.

  • The First step is to close all the open tabs and then restart your device
  • When the phone gets restarted again, turn on the internet connection and start your browser

Move around Your Location –

In some locations, networks are really disturbing that your work got delayed. In that case, you should do a few things –

  • Move around your location, where you can get better network connectivity
  • If you are in an enclosed room, better move toward the window area
  • In a multi-story building, a higher floor is the best place for better network connectivity

Disable Data Saver –

Data Saver mode on your mobile reduces your data usage. This feature is used to limit your data usage. If it is activated on your phone it may slow down your internet speed.

Do the following things on your phone to deactivate it –

  • On the android phone go to settings> Click on Network & Internet > then click on data usage> select data saver and turn it off
  • On iPhone, go to settings> select cellular> click on cellular data option> click on Low Data Mode and turn it off

Disconnect VPN –

VPN use is common these days because users want privacy. But if you are connected to VPN, this could slow down your internet connection.

In that case, disconnect your VPN, and this solution fixes your slow internet connections.

Reset Your Phone Network Settings –

In factory restore settings, you can format the entire device. Same thing you can do with the network settings.

You can simply reset your network settings on your phone for a better network connection.

  • On Android phone> go to settings> click on system> Advance> select reset options> reset Wi-Fi, mobile&Bluetooth
  • On iPhone go to settings> select General> click on Reset> Click on Reset Network Setting. If you have a passcode device prompt you to insert the one

Reset APN Settings-

Changes in your APN settings fix slow internet connection.

  • Go to network settings
  • Click on the network provider’s name
  • Then go to Access Point Names and click on it
  • Select the reset APN
  • Then restart the device and check the mobile data

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