How to Get BH Series Number Plates? Are Existing Vehicle Owners Also Eligible?

How to Get BH Series Number Plates? Are Existing Vehicle Owners Also Eligible?
How to get BH series registration

Now people with transferable jobs can move their vehicle to any of the states of India, without any burden of registration to a new state.

The BH series was introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways GOI in 2021, to hassle-free the registration process for people who have transferable jobs

Recently govt. proposes amendments in the rules so existing vehicle owners can also be eligible for the BH series

What is BH Series Number Plate?

The BH series number plate was introduced by the Central govt. for the people who are having transferable jobs from one state to another state.

It lessens the burden of re-registering a vehicle every time someone moves to a new state.

It was introduced to get away with the existing section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act, of 1988.

According to this act, the person is allowed to keep their vehicles in different states for 12 months except for the state where it is registered.

Moreover, new registration has to be made to the new state registration authority within 12 months.

Who is Eligible for the BH Series?

BH series stands for the Bharat series. Eligible people are -:

  • Defense Personnel
  • Central & State Govt employees, who have a transferable job
  • PSUs Employees like – BHEL, ONGC, BSNL, etc.
  • Private sector employees, which have offices in 5 or more states/UTs and have transferable job

BH Series Registration Plates Format –

The BH series number plate format is different from the current number plate format.

For example -: 21 BH 4613 AB. Here 21 stands for the year of registration, which is 21.

BH stands for the Bharat series number. 4613 is the random number generated by the computer.

AB stands for any random alphabet letter excluding I or O.

How to Get a BH series Number Plate?

After knowing the eligibility criteria, you should know the procedure to apply for the BH series registration plate –

1. If you are purchasing a new car, you can submit your govt. official ID or working certificate in Form 60 to your dealer

2. Dealer then applies on MoRTH e-vahan website.

3. Exisitnig vehicle owners can convert their state registration number to BH series by directly applying to the Vahan portal

This procedure is very simple and it doesn't require you to get NOC from your existing state registration office like in the old time.

Tax Structure of getting BH series Number Plate –

In regular number plates, you have to pay road tax for 15 years at once during the purchase.

But in the case of BH series registration, you will only have to pay road tax for 2 years after the purchase, after that, you'll have to pay road tax every 2 years.

In addition road tax for BH series also depend on the car price which excludes GST.

For example – If you buy a car at a discount price, the tax will be calculated on the discounted price.

Road Tax Structure for BH series Number Plate –

 Car Price Tax
 Below Rs. 10 Lakh 8%
Between Rs. 10 Lakh or 20 Lakh 10%
Above Rs. 20 Lakh  12%

It is for the Petrol Cars. For Electric Vehicle 2% will be deducted and for Diesel cars 2% extra charge.

So the road tax calculated on the above-given basis will be for 15 years, which you'll have to pay every 2 years for 14 years.

Recently Road Ministry Proposes Amendments in Rules For BH Series -

Road Ministry proposes amendments in the rules to get BH series number plate registration. They issued a draft notification proposing new rules -

1. According to these rules now existing vehicle owners can convert their regular state registration into BH series.

2 .If the BH series vehicle is transferred to a person who is not eligible for the BH series, then the such vehicle is liable for getting a new state-generated registration series

3 . If a BH series vehicle is transferred to a person who is eligible for BH series registration, then such vehicle continues to be validly registered under the BH series as long as the transferee remains eligible for it.

4 .Provided also that if at any time owner of a vehicle registered in BH-Series, ceases to be eligible for BH-Series, as per clause (ca) and (cb) of sub-rule (1) of rule 47, then such vehicle shall continue to be registered under BH series for the remaining period for which tax has been paid, as mentioned in the draft notification

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