How To Hide Likes On Your Instagram Posts 2021?

How To Hide Likes On Your Instagram Posts 2021?

Instagram has rolled out with an interesting feature that allows you to hide likes on your entire range of posts available in the feed. This feature was created in an attempt to boost user experience by focusing more on content than popularity.

This latest update also gives you the option to hide your view counts on posts from other users. You can hide both before posting it.

Let’s walk down and see how to hide likes on Instagram on all your posts and feeds.

Why Instagram Hide Likes Option Is Made Available?

Instagram is experimenting with its platform by enabling Instagram to hide likes options in several countries. Instagram trailed the like removal option entirely for users from Italy, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the US.

As per Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, this is an initiative to make the platform a safer place on the entire internet. In general, influencers, and creators said the count metric plays an important role when it comes to communicating with your audience. The hide-like feature could negatively impact the average engagement rate of influencers.

Now, Instagram provides a new option to users that let them choose whether they want to hide likes or not for all of their posts. Users feel comfortable with this level of flexibility.

Mosseri shared a “similar experience for Facebook” also.

How To Hide Your Likes On Instagram?

Follow the given below steps to know how to hide likes on your Instagram posts-

Step 1- Open Instagram profile

Step 2- Hit three lines available in the upper right corner

Step 3- Now select the “settings” option

Step 4- Next search for posts. Here you need to select “Posts” from which you need to hide likes

Step 5- Finally turn on the “Hide like & view counts” option

Once you have enabled hide the like counts for a particular post, you can see “liked by a user and others” at the bottom.

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How To Hide Instagram Likes Before Sharing Posts?

Step 1- Select an image from the gallery to posts on Instagram

Step 2- Now hit the “advanced settings” option available at the bottom

Step 3- Next turn on the toggle available in front of “Hide like & view counts” for this post

Step 4- Finally go back and share your new post

How To See Total Likes On Your Posts?

To see how many views and likes are made on your post, you simply need to hit on others. Here you can see total like counts for a particular post available on your page.

This was all about how to hide your likes on Instagram for particular posts that are made available in your Instagram feed.

Hope you find this post useful on how to hide likes on Instagram!   

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