How to Make Money on YouTube: 5 Effective Strategies

How to Make Money on YouTube: 5 Effective Strategies
How to Make Money on YouTube

Becoming a millionaire on Youtube is still a dream for many people. Though creating a Youtube account is quite easy, monetizing it is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are certain requirements you must meet to make money from your Youtube channel. 

You can monetize your Youtube channel even without having millions of subscribers. Youtube earning is not dependent on the number of subscribers and views your channel has received, it depends on how much your audience is engaged as well as the niche you have chosen. 

Today most YouTubers have become millionaires by creating engaging content such as reviewing products or movies, entertainment, and teaching. You must stick to a certain niche to increase your engagement, the more your audience is engaged, the more viewers you will get. 

5 Effective Ways to make money from Youtube

1. Join YouTube Partner Program  

The Youtube Partner Program allows access to special Youtube features and resources. To be eligible for this program, you must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and a total of 4,000 stream hours in the last 12 months. After achieving this foot, you may set up an AdSense account and start sharing revenues from ads. 

2. Sell your Merchandise 

Being a content creator you can sell your product if you are an entrepreneur. Many well-known YouTubers sell their merchandise, while some entrepreneur sells their existing products and are using Youtube as a marketing tool for their business. 

Selling your merchandise is one of the best to earn from Youtube.

3. Endorsement and Affiliation

Many Businesses and well-established brands keep their eyes on Youtube channels with large subscribers to promote their business. They always reach out to those having a very good number of subscribers to promote their promote products or services. They will ask you to endorse their products by featuring them in your videos or may even you to affiliate with their brands. 

Almost every YouTuber with a decent number of subscribers, endorse certain brands or products. You may have seen many Fitness influencers endorsing certain health products, grooming products, or even clothing brands.

4. Crowd Funding

You can encourage your regular subscribers to crowdfund your channel. Crowdfunding can help with funding your upcoming videos and may help you operate your channel smoothly. Make sure, your content is engaging, entertaining or it must provide some value to the subscribers. 

It is also advised, to understand the demographics of your subscribers before asking them to fund your channel.  

5. Earn bonus from Youtube Red Subscribers 

Youtube Red allows ad-free streaming to your subscribers by paying $9.99. It allows the content creators to earn 55% revenue from viewership even without ads. Youtube Red keeps track of your video engagement and watch timing. Make sure, you keep a balance of your statistics to earn from Youtube Red. 

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