How To Make Short-term Investment in 2022-23? Take A Look At The Options Here!

How To Make Short-term Investment in 2022-23? Take A Look At The Options Here!

Everyone wants to make money. And especially after pandemics, it is very important to invest yours at the right place. You can invest your money in the short term as well. Many people believe the short-term investment is risky and not safe. But if invested in the right place with the right knowledge you can easily earn at the short term investment also.

Short-term investment?

The type of investment where investors want to invest the money for less time, at low risk and high return. These are the stored funds by an investor and transferred to another for high returns. This investment provides you with high returns in less time.

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Best short term investment options

The financial market allows you and provides you with various options for short-term investment. Here are some of the secure ways to invest your money:

  1. Recurring Deposits

Indian banks allow you to add regular money to your account and earn interest on the amount. These are the saving- cum- investment accounts, where you save your money and also earn interest. At present, the highest interest rate is 6.25% by RBL Bank account on a savings account.

  1. Money Market account

These are the bank account which is less flexible as compared to a savings account. Bank provides higher interest in these accounts but you cannot withdraw the amount just by a click, as you need to main the balance of the account.

  1. Debt instrument

These are the funds that are used to raise capital for the business. The investor gets the bond, equity, in exchange for money. You can invest your money in government as well as in private institutes.

  1. Bank Fixed Deposits

Bank FD is the most common way to invest your money in the short term. The Fixed Deposits are a one-time investment, in one installment. The holder can renew their FD if they want or can withdraw the money, it’s up to them.

  1. Gold/ silver

Gold and silver never go out of fashion, you can always invest your money in gold and silver and the rise in the price of gold and silver is very evident as well as positive sing to invest your money. They always give a return on your investment.

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  1. Liquid Funds

These funds are short-term investments in the money market. These are the debt fund, the investor can earn interest on their money. These investments only last for not more than a year.

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