How to prevent Skin Darkening Cause From Sunlight In Winter

How to prevent Skin Darkening Cause From Sunlight In Winter

On direct exposure to ultraviolet rays, they enter the skin cells and can damage the RNA and DNA inside, and thus DNA damage can cause skin cancer. To protect your body from this, the skin releases melanin to reduce the penetration of ultraviolet rays, causing skin darkening.

However, its effects can be reduced by adopting immediate measures to remove skin irritation from the sun. When the skin becomes darker, it looks darker, drier, and wrinkled. Suntan removers easily available in the market that do not work so effectively.

But there are many natural remedies, which will significantly reduce skin darkening caused by the sun. These remedies which relieve skin darkening caused by the sun, prove to be miraculous on your skin. Here, some measures are suggested to be taken to remove the solvation from the sun immediately.

1. Lemon and Honey

Lemon and honey are considered to be known enemies of darkness. Lemon will soften the skin and honey will make it moisturized.

Ingredients - 2 teaspoons honey and 2 teaspoons lemon juice

Method - Mix equal quantity of lemon and honey and apply it on the affected area. Let the mixture sit for 20 minutes. Wash it with a gentle soap. Use it daily to effectively remove solubility. 2. Sandalwood and Turmeric mixture Both these ingredients will immediately cool your skin and make it soft. Ingredients - 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder, 1 teaspoon pure turmeric powder, and rose water Method - Mix all the above ingredients and make a paste with rose water. Apply this paste on your face and leave it for half an hour. Then wash it with cold water.

2. Tomato Juice And Yogurt Mixture

Tomato juice and yogurt mixture Citrus fruits contain ascorbic acid which has antioxidant properties which is helpful in removing solubility and yogurt contains lactic acid which lightens solubility.

Ingredients -

2 tablespoons of tomato juice and 2 teaspoons fresh yogurt

Method - Mix both the ingredients and apply it to the affected area. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then wash it with clean water.

3. Orange Juice

Orange juice is really tasty and as soon as I heard that it is an effective remedy for solvation caused by the sun, I immediately tried to check if it worked. It was magical on my skin. In fact, it contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids that are useful in eliminating solvation caused by the sun.

Ingredients - Fresh orange juice

Method - Wash the affected area with gentle soap and then massage the fresh orange juice on the face until the juice is completely absorbed. Wash the face after 10 minutes and repeat this action regularly.

It is very important for your skin to be protected from harmful sun rays by using the right type of sunscreen. Always apply sunscreen to avoid skin darkening and premature aging. Remember to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out so that your skin gets enough time to absorb it.

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