Human Rights Day 2021: 10 Basic Human Rights Everyone Should Know

Human Rights Day 2021: 10 Basic Human Rights Everyone Should Know

Human Rights Day 2021: Every year December 10 is marked as the ‘Human Rights Day all across the globe to make people aware of their basic rights. The day is observed to enlighten people irrespective of their possession, faith, ethnicity, color, race, class, and gender. It came to limelight when US General Assembly took on the Universal Deceleration of Human Rights in 1948. As it empowers people and gives them dignity from society, knowledge about them becomes extremely important.

Let’s discuss more Human Rights in this guide and know 10 basic human rights that each one of us should know.

What exactly are Human Rights?

Human Rights are moral principles and norms that exist for all human beings regardless of sex, national or ethnic origin, nationality, language, religion, or any other status. They are applicable to everyone independent of how the individual conducts their life and what his/her beliefs are. They can’t be snatched away however could be limited under severe circumstances. The ideas are legally defined & safeguarded in all countries.

10 Basic Human Rights

  1. Right to life

The right to life protects your right to live. Nobody including the government can put a halt to your life. Government is responsible to safeguard every individual. In case the individual is being threatened, the government is entitled to investigate and take the culprit in custody.

  1. Right to Equal Treatment

This right states ‘all are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.’

  1. Right to Freedom from Inhumane Treatment & Torture

This right refers to freedom from torture & inhumane or degrading treatment. It applies to scientific and medical research which states no one can be exposed to something without their consent.

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  1. Right to Privacy

It states ‘no one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation.’ It gives you the liberty from external interference or attack.

  1. Right to Asylum

UDHR’s Right to Asylum gives the freedom to seek & enjoy asylum in any country. This ancient right traces dates back to the beginning of humanity. Today, it protects those who escape violence in their nation.

  1. Right to Freedom of Thoughts, Opinion, Religion, & Expression

Right to Freedom states ‘everyone has the right to express their opinions, thoughts, and belief of his religion’. He/she is free to stay alone or in a community to mark his belief or religion in teaching, worship, practice, and observance.

  1. Right to Marry

Anybody of legal age has got the right to marry and start a family regardless of ethnicity, religion, or color. The couples need to provide their full approval prior to marriage. Since family is a fundamental group of society, it is entitled to get protected by the state.

  1. Right to Work

It covers a comprehensive range of work-related issues. Each one of us has the right to work in healthy working conditions and have insurance. You can create and join unions and get equal compensation for equal efforts.

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  1. Right to Education

Education shall be free until the fundamental stages. Education strengthens one’s respect and develops a human personality. It promotes understanding, friendship, and tolerance among all nations, religious or racial groups.

  1. Right to Social Services

Everyone is entitled to have a basic living level and is worth shelter, clothing, food, water, security, and medical treatment.

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