If The Following Categories Were Olympics, These People Would Have Won Gold

If The Following Categories Were Olympics, These People Would Have Won Gold

The Olympics are one of the most important sports events in the world. All the sports lovers wait for the Olympics eagerly to encourage their favorite sportsperson. But have you ever thought about what Olympics would look like if it was not only about games?

Well, it might sound a bit crazy but have you thought about who would win the Olympics if the controversy was a sport? Doesnt it seem to be interesting?

Read the full story to know who would win gold in the Olympics if the following things were sports

If Gossiping Was A Sport

We all know that Bebo and Karan Johar are best known for gossiping in Bollywood. Many celebrities have revealed that Kareena and KJo have all the news about Bollywood. Actors can call them anytime for ‘Aao Behen Chugli Karein’ sessions.

If Mann Ki Baat Was A Sport

Well, everyone knows that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for his Mann Ki Baat program. Imagine Modiji receiving a gold medal for this program. No talk, Mann ki Baat only!!

If Unnecessary Illogical Blabbering Was A Sport

Well if you have guessed who could win a gold medal in unnecessary comments then you also deserve a prize. Yes, it is Kangana Ranaut who keeps on getting everyone’s attention with her comments. Though she is the perfect pick for this prize, we would love it if she stops making such stupid comments.

If Faux Pas Was A Sport

We all know Rahul Gandhi is famous for his social blunders. No matter what the situation is, he always does some mistakes in his Tweets or statements. So, if Faux Pas was a sport, then Rahul Gandhi would have surely won gold.

If Electric Energy Was A Sport

Who do you think is the most energetic actor in Bollywood? Well, that’s a quite difficult choice as Ranveer Singh and Akshay Kumar, both are tough competition. So, if being energetic all day was Olympics, Akshay or Ranveer could have brought gold.

If Dancing Was A Sport

Who do you think dances the best in Bollywood? Well according to us, if dancing was a sport, Nora Fatehi would win gold.

If Speaking English Was A Sport

Probably you know the answer to this question too. Yes, you guessed it right, Shashi Tharoor could have won gold in Olympics if English was a sport.

What do you think about the celebrities that deserve gold in the Olympics? Do you think that we missed any category or celebrity? Let us know in the comments section below.

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