India’s First Drive-In Music Festival For Music Lovers

India’s First Drive-In Music Festival For Music Lovers

Music is the language of soul and a true blessing to mankind. It speaks directly to one’s heart without needing any words. Think of the time when you have been in bad mood but everything instantly changed when you heard your favorite song. Yes, that’s the power of music. Well, over the last two decades, it has opened new doors to phenomenal music artist all around the world. This month GIFLIF is organizing drive-in music festival on February 13-14 on Shyamla Hills. Music lovers! Get the tickets and enjoy the drive-in music fest.


The Great Indian Film and Literature Festival or GIFLIF will organize Bhopal’s first Drive-in music fest. It’s a two-day concert that would be held on Feb 13-14 on Shyamla Hills on the ground of Hotel Lake View Residency. GIFLIF had organized many events since 2016 but this one is going to be first drive-in event due to the pandemic. The idea of drive-in music is a huge hit in nations like Australia, UK, US, and Sri Lanka and now, it’s for Bhopalites.

Bhopalites will be getting an opportunity to have full fun during COVID-19 with safety measures. It’s completely risk-free musical concert for Bhopal residents. MP Tourism Development Corporation, MP Trade, Investment Facilitation Corporation, Mansarovar Global University, and State Directorate of Culture are the sponsors.

3 Major Bands

Three famous bands, namely, Egyptian-Iranian band, Indian Ocean band, and Kashmiri band would perform on the fest. Definitely, it’s going to be a mesmerizing experience listening to some Kashmiri, Urdu songs. Kabir Café band is also ready to make you dance on beats.

Indian Ocean- Indian Ocean band is owned by Rahul Ram who is recognized pioneer of rock genre. He is known to perform fusion, and folk music. Fusion is an experimental genre with guitars, drums, and rock music.

Kabir Café- Neeraj Arya is the artist behind Kabir Café, popularly known as Indian folk fusion band. It composed of Saint Kabir’s Dohas. Some of the well-liked among music lovers are Ghat Ghat Mein Panchhi Bolta Hai, Muniya Pinjare Wali, Do Din Ki Zindagi Hair, and Halke Gaadi Haako.

Alif- This band creates Koshur songs. You will be surprised to know the band’s most popular songs hit reached 2.5 million on YouTube.

We all have waited for so long to experience the magic of concerts. Finally, you can witness this amazing drive-in music fest.


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