Inspirational Mothers On OTT Platforms That We Loved

Inspirational Mothers On OTT Platforms That We Loved

In society, mothers are often stereotyped portraying only one side of their personae. On contrary, real mothers are so much more than just being kind, caring and loving. On-screen mothers have portrayed the nuances of motherhood beautifully. They are unique, quirky, ambitious, sometimes evil, sometimes dangerous, all for their children.

Let us have a look at a few on-screen mothers that we have loved on OTT platforms

1. Neena Gupta, Masaba Masaba (2020)

Watching veteran actor Neena Gupta on-screen is a treat to the eyes. But what’s better than watching Neena in her true avatar. Masaba Masaba showed the real-life moments from the mother-daughter duo set against a fictional backdrop. She is full of life, pursuing her dreams without considering the age bar. Furthermore, she inspires her daughter Masaba to be the strong independent woman that she is. Watch it now if you haven’t. 

2. Aarya Sareen, Aarya (2020)

Aarya Sareen is a complete woman if there is such a definition. She is a wonderful mother of three, she has a loving husband, luxurious life and whatnot. But as things deteriorate, Aarya comes out as a woman who is strong, takes her own decisions and knows how to protect herself and her family. There is dirt and grime under all that glitter, but Aarya wins over by taking charge of the situation. Her bond with her children who are in different phases of their lives is heart-warming. 

3. Batool Jan, Churails (2020)

Batool Jan is a fresh-out-of-jail murderer who is fighting her way against patriarchy. The show focuses on several pressing issues such as child abuse, forced marriages, domestic abuse, homosexuality and class inequalities. As the show progresses, we realize that Batool murdered her lecherous husband in order to save her daughter from him. Even after coming out of jail, Batool keeps searching for her daughter only to find out heartbreaking revelations at the end of the show. 

4. Meira/ Preeti/ Deekhsha/ Namrata/ Anuja, Mentalhood, (2020)

Mentalhood is a light-hearted take on motherhood in modern Indian society. Mothers are truly the epitome of idealism, sacrifice and devotion but there is much more to it. Mentalhood brings our attention to the imperfections, struggles and dilemmas of mothers in the age of social media. Even though the show only focuses on affluent mothers, they have successfully portrayed the challenges of parenting. 

5. Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

Cersei Lannister is an ambitious woman often taking cunning routes for the sake of her children. Right from Prince Joffrey to Princess Myrcella and Prince Tommen, Cersei does everything to ensure the safety and victory of her children. For the sake of her children, she tries to give a sentence to her brother Tyrian Lannister. She betrayed the Starks and continuously went back on her words. She was evil, but her motherhood made her character well-rounded

6. Rani Irani/ Lily/ Fatima Warsi, Bombay Begums (2021)

Bombay Begums will grip you with its striking narrative about the plight of women in urban India. Though all the characters belong to different socio-economic paradigms their struggle to stay afloat unites them. Rani desperately tries to make a bond with her step-children but fails. Fatima, despite her bright career, has difficulty in conceiving which affects her married life. Then there is Lily, a sex worker to tries to protect her son from the stigma surrounding her profession. The series divulges into different aspects of motherhood

7. Eudoria Holmes, Elona Homes (2020)

Even though we see very little of Helena Bonham Carter’s character Eudoria, the film’s plot is kicked off by her disappearance. She is the ultimate missing protagonist. Despite being such a small role it is quite significant because there is so much color to it. She goes into hiding because she is determined to create a world where her daughter, Enola, can have power and freedom. She teaches her daughter to watch, look, listen and be aware and know what is going on at all times. This is the reason Enola comes out as an utterly independent woman. 

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