Instagram can make you rich: 5 Proven Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram can make you rich: 5 Proven Ways to Make Money on Instagram
Ways to Make Money on Instagram

If you are looking forward to earning through one of your social media platforms, then earning through Instagram would be the best choice. Before deciding how would you earn you must decide the target audience.

There are a number of ways through which you can earn through Instagram even with a few thousand followers. You can either earn as a social media influencer or just by selling products or services. 

As an influencer, you can earn up to $670 (INR 50,000 approx.) per post with a million followers. The content creators with 100k followers usually earn around $200 (INR 15,000 approx.) per post, meanwhile, anyone with 10k followers can earn up to $88 (INR 7000 approx.) per post.

You are only required to maintain a balance between your followers and the number of posts you are sharing in order to earn more.

Now the question is “How many followers do you need to earn through Instagram?” As per the guideline of Instagram, you must have a minimum of 1,000 followers in order to earn based on the engagement of your followers. With highly engaged followers, brands may find your profile suitable to promote their business. Various well-known and even local brands choose to promote themselves through Instagram influencers.

5 ways which may help you earn up to millions or even more on Instagram

5 Ways to Make Money on Instagram 

1. Sponsorships

Sharing sponsored posts or stories on your Instagram handle may help you earn a lot of money per post. For example, you are a fitness influencer and your posts are mostly focused on fitness and health. In such a case, various sports companies such as Adidas or Reebok may pay for posting a picture while wearing one of their products like shoes or activewear.

Many Health and fitness-based companies choose to promote their supplements and other health-related products through fitness influencers or sports personalities.

2. Business Promotion

If you want to grow your newly set up business then promote it by creating a business account on Instagram. For example, you have recently started a bakery shop where you sell cakes, pastries and cookies then you can promote those products by sharing them through your business account. You can even tag other related businesses or products to reach more audiences. 

3. Sell used products or cloths

If you don’t have your business but sell your used products such as clothes or vehicles on websites like Quickr or OLX. Sometimes you don’t get a suitable buyer for products from those websites. In this case, you can get a suitable buyer by sharing your used products on Instagram with hashtags.

You must engagingly share your used products by providing all details in the caption. All good things must be included along with brand, how much used and condition of the product.  

4. Earn Badges

Engaging with your followers through live video may help you earn a lot of money. While you are showcasing your talent through live videos, you can also purchase badges. Badges may cost between $0.99 to $4,99. A heart symbol is visible next to the comment of the person who purchased such badges. 

You can promote your upcoming live videos through posts and stories and then use the Ques & Ans feature to increase more engagement and even badges.

5. Purchase Ads

You can purchase ads that usually run between your videos. To do this, you will be required to enable monetization and allow in-stream video ads. You will earn through ads based on how many views your video has received.

You will earn 55% of revenue generated by each view as per the guidelines of Instagram for Business. A monthly payment will credit to your account. Your video must be 2 to 4 min longer to earn money through ads

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