Into The Wild Trailer: Ajay Devgn & Bear Grylls Swim With Sharks In A Survival Challenge

Into The Wild Trailer: Ajay Devgn & Bear Grylls Swim With Sharks In A Survival Challenge

Following the likes of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn becomes the third Indian actor to feature on the adventure reality TV show called, “Into The Wild with Bear Grylls”. The trailer of the upcoming episode just got released showing Ajay's different and adventurous side as he struggles to survive in the Indian Ocean amid sharks and constructs a catamaran with help of Grylls to reach a desert island.  

The trailer starts with showing Ajay Devgn standing on a boat and his voiceover plays saying, “Games are for the players, this stage is for the Bravehearts.” He later proceeds to jump in the ocean with Bear Grylls. Ajay is advised to stay calm as they come close to the sharks by Grylls. Then they take a walk around the island and collect the necessary thing from the jungle to create a catamaran.

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The episode also documents the candid conversation between Grylls and Ajay as the actor talks about his family, career and life. Ajay mentions this experience helped him step out of his comfort zone and explore more.

He said, “As my first adventurous wild expedition ever, it’s not a child’s play I can tell you that much! My father being an action director in the industry, and in my 30 years of experience, I have had the privilege of playing action and dangerous roles. And now is the time I got to put those learnings to the test again. This opportunity has helped me explore my comfort zone way beyond and I am glad for it. I salute Bear who is the one inspiring millions to develop and nurture the much-needed relationship with the nature around us, and of course for keeping me safe in the Wild. From Deep jungles and deep oceans, Bear knows everything!” 

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Ajay’s commitment during their adventure impressed Grylls a lot. He said, “It was a privilege to take the legendary Ajay into the wild for an adventure. Uninhabited islands are always the tough ones to survive upon and Ajay was ready to do whatever it was needed to get out of there in one piece. He also shared so many insights about his life and career, his incredible honesty made me value him more. One thing that I've observed about Ajay is he is not much of a talker as he is a quietly spoken person, but he carries great love and strength in his heart,".

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The episode premieres on 22nd October at 6 AM on Discovery+ in India.

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