iOS 16.1 Update and Features: All You Need to Know

iOS 16.1 Update and Features: All You Need to Know
iOS 16.1 Update and Features

Apple as promised released the new iOS 16.1 update for all its iOS 16 customers this month. With that, the manufacturers have gifted eight new features to users for a great user experience.

Let’s see what the new iOS16.1 features can do and how they are different.

What’s in the New iOS 16.1 Update?

A lot! The updated version gives users the flexibility to improve the look of the iOS 16 screen, undo the sent messages, and more.

Read a quick description of those improvements.

1. Wallet App Update

ios 16.1 update

Now sharing your credit/debit cards, tickets, car keys, hotel room details, etc is easy with Wallet App.

You can share those details via WhatsApp and Messages if you want. Those who don’t want Wallet App on their iPhone can even uninstall it.

2. New Battery Display

ios 16.1 features

Unlike earlier, your iOS 16 will now display the battery percentage right on your device screen. The font size is kept bigger this time for easy visibility.

3. iCloud Shared Photo Library

iCloud Shared Photo Library

One of the most important iOS 16.1 features is the iCloud shared photo library. Users can now quickly share, edit, and access their photos through this.

They can also directly upload the photos from the phone’s camera to the shared library.

However, there is an upper limit of exchanging multimedia with up to 5 people. Also, you cannot duplicate the photos in personal and shared libraries.

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4. Live Activities

live activities dynamic island

Dynamic Island is one of the best features of new Apple devices. It got better with the new iOS 16.1 update.

Your iOS 16 can display notifications about live activities on the lock screen. It even supports third-party apps.

5. Customized Screen

If you are bored with the wallpaper and lock screen style on an iOS 16 device, simply customize it.

iOS 16.1 lets you do it directly from the settings. Go to wallpaper from the menu and customize it. You can also choose between the home screen and lock screen for selected wallpaper unlike before.

6. Connect Smartly with Matter

apple matter support

Apple brings the new smart connectivity standard with Matter support that lets you control smart home devices easily.

Simply add all the devices under Matter Accessories from the general settings to use this feature.

7. A Small Upgrade in Apple Books

For users who are obsessed with reading even when it means reading on iPhone Apple books, here’s a short update to know.

The Apple Books will have now hidden reader controls and it will be automatic. So, be ready to get used to this new iOS 16.1 update.

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8. Apple Fitness Plus

apple fitness plus

Apple Watch has become a must for iOS users nowadays, but not anymore. The new iOS 16.1 feature lets you track your fitness without relying on a smartwatch.

Above all these features that are only meant for device users, Apple has one good update for the environment.

apple clean charging

It will cut your carbon footprint and charge your device during the availability of lower carbon emission electricity.

Though the feature is by default, it can be turned off from the settings under the battery section.

New iOS 16.1 is safe too as the update has resolved a few bugs to fix issues with Apple devices. Manufacturers are now planning to bring iOS 16.2 as well very soon.

Wait till mid-December for its launch.

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