Is Cirkus a Hard Flop Already?

Is Cirkus a Hard Flop Already?
Cirkus trailer response from audience

This time both  Rohit – Ranveer duo magic failed to impress fans. After watching the Cirkus movie trailer many fans are disappointed and for many, it is a complete package of jokers.

Many shows their disappointment on Twitter and Reddit, they are also not happy to see Ranveer Singh's weird faces.

Reddit doesn’t like Ranveer Singh Cirkus trailer.

Simmba movie was a blockbuster but audiences are not getting enough excitement from Cirkus.

Cirkus Movie Trailer Response of Audiences on Reddit and Twitter -

Based on William Shakespeare's classical drama ‘Comedy of Errors centers around two sets of pairs of identical twins, who were separated in their childhood.

One user wrote on a Reddit post “Not sure if this is a repeat post but it’s 2022 and a section of Bollywood still think this is what the audience will love”.

One person wrote about director Rohit Shetty- “The guy is insulting the intellect of those who spend their hard-earned money on his movies.”

Another commented - “Worst trailer. It’s actually circus.”

One person wrote about Ranveer Singh's acting - “So much for a versatile actor I’m so mad I was actually rooting for him, I mean wtf are those, I know its a trailer but what a hammering performance he is giving”.

A person said similar lines about Ranveer Singh - “His problem isn’t that he isn’t a good comedic actor. His problem is that he tends to overdo everything. He requires directors who can control his performance and ground them. Every good performance of his came from directors who do that.”

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