Is Pfizer Less Effective Against Delta Variants?

Is Pfizer Less Effective Against Delta Variants?

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine offers a substantial level of protection against COVID-19s new DELTA VARIANT. However, studies found out the effectiveness of Pfizer wanes over time. Researchers in the UK analyzed the outcomes of 2580021 PCR tests along with samples taken from 285543 people.

As per researchers, the vaccine provides a higher level of protection compared to AstraZeneca on the initial stage however, its effectiveness declines over time. Two doses of vaccine offer the same level of protection. In addition to this, people who are vaccinated after getting infected by COVID-19 receive an additional layer of protection against COVID-19 and DELTA VARIANT.

How Pfizer Effectiveness Wanes Over Time?

Pfizer offers a 92% protection layer compared to AstraZeneca that offers only 69%. Even though it reduces with time, Pfizer is still more effective than other popular vaccine options. The effectiveness of Pfizer is 90% after the second month, and 78% after three months.

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Despite all these, the new study shows DELTA VARIANT can infect vaccinated individuals as well. This has left the individuals in doubt.

Senior researchers from the Nuffield Department of Population Health quotes, “Two doses are much effective in younger people compared to older people”

No matter what’s the situation, you should get your second dose as early as possible to minimize the chances of getting infected by DELTA VARIANT

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