IT Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services – Which Is Better?

IT Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services – Which Is Better?

When you have a limited-time project, finding and hiring an IT outsourcing professional becomes essential. At present, there are two IT outsourcing models available namely managed IT services and IT staff augmentation. Both are strong alternatives when it comes to making full-time hires in the house as per your project requirements. To make the best decision, you need to read IT Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services. That’s how you can make proper use of time and budget to hire dedicated specialists. 

IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation enables companies to scale up as per the need. Instead of dumping energy and time into hiring permanent IT personnel, it lets you hire dedicated specialists to work temporarily.

It gives you access to a whole pool of the best and talented specialists in the industry. Most people consider IT staff augmentation for medium-sized companies, however, tech giants like Google, Spotify, and Disney have also availed its benefits.

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Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation

1. Retain Project Control

You can retain project autonomy with IT staff solutions. The outsourcing company will help you determine your business needs and present qualified candidates that fit your project.

2. Increase Output and Reduce Costs

It allows your company to operate activities remotely to achieve the best result at a minimum price. This increases productivity and you can have great product quality.

3. Less Legality

IT staff augmentation services follow the zero-headache approach. You can hire dedicated web developers on a contract basis. The outsourcing company will handle human resource issues, payroll, taxes, and employee benefits.

Managed Services

Another popular outsourcing model is Managed Services. You need to outsource your IT processes to another company that promises to offer managed IT services. The parent company determines specifications and parameters on which your company needs to operate. The IT service company takes control of IT staffing, project execution, and management.

If your company requires specific technical output, you can outsource to manage IT service providers. In short, it is fit for companies with labor-intensive developing needs.

Advantages of Managed Services

1. Retain Focus on Operations

Managed IT services offer their own project management processes, hence the parent company can step back easily. The IT Company will look after the technical development and functions.

2. Saves Time

In Managed Services, the project manager will keep everything in check. Since it provides a practical solution, it saves both money and time in the long run.

IT Staff Augmentation Vs Managed Services: Which is better?

Since not all businesses are the same hence their needs. You need to check your company's unique needs and determine what suits your business model.

Both IT outsourcing models have their pros and cons, hence it is essential you recruit specialists based on your company’s goals.

But before finalizing, you need to read the agreement carefully.

Agnito Technologies

With so many IT outsourcing service providers in the market, Agnito Technologies leads the market. The company offers some of the best and talented developers, strategists, and designers that can help you scale your business.

Agnito has been delivering quality IT outsourcing solutions to enterprises, agencies, businesses, and start-ups for 10+ years. Further, they also let you hire dedicated developers for all the latest and trending technologies including Angularjs, Laravel, android, Flutter and Vue.js developers on budget. This way you can have your solid in-house team of specialists at your fingertip.


If you want to overcome IT outsourcing problems, then Agnito Technologies is the way to go. Here you can talk to experts via live chat or whatsapp who let you know whether IT staffing or managed services fit you.  

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