Just For Fun! Couple Burnt Themselves For A Grand Wedding Exit

Just For Fun! Couple Burnt Themselves For A Grand Wedding Exit
Viral Video Today- Couple Burnt Themselves For A Grand Wedding Exit

Nowadays, couples are trying unique and out-of-the-box ideas to surprise their guests and make their wedding memories worth treasuring. But, would you set yourself and your new partner on fire just to entertain the wedding guest. You might call us crazy for asking this question but not after watching a viral video of today.

A newly married couple did this for real and posted a video from their wedding reception which has gone viral on social media. In the clip, the bride and groom can be seen walking hand in hand. The only strange thing is their backs are burning but it did not anxious any of the two. They walked happily before getting saved by the staff at the venue.

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Today's Viral Video - Couple Burnt Themselves For A Grand Wedding Exit

The video is originally posted on TikTok by the bride and groom’s wedding photographer and DJ with a perfect caption. The post has the caption ‘when stunt people marry.’  In reality, the couple belongs to the profession of stunt and work in Hollywood movies.

Both are trained professionals and used the anti-burn gel on their body parts to prevent themselves from burning. Also, they wore wigs to prevent their hair from catching fire flames.

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Reaction to Viral Video

viral video today

Despite so much protection, they managed to shock their guests and viewers. The video was posted by a wedding organizer who captioned it ‘Their wedding exit makes sparklers look boring.’ It got more than 13 million views and also some unique comments on TikTok.

Some called them cool while others said their wedding is truly unique. A few users also expressed their concerns about the bride and groom’s health and dress.

viral video today

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This viral video is definitely not appreciable and worth trying so don't be too excited or creative just to do something fresh and unseen. Do Not Try This at your Wedding!

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