Law Of Attraction- A Technique to get the Desired Life

Law Of Attraction- A Technique to get the Desired Life
Law of Attraction

Most of us have experienced the Law Of Attraction at some point in our Lives either consciously or unconsciously. And of course, maximum people must be acquainted with the famous Book on Law Of Attraction -“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.Even the movie was released on the same concept. Well, are we really aware of what exactly is Law Of Attraction (LOA), how it works? No matter how many times we read “The Secret or any other LOA Book” we can only realize it when we actually implement it in our Life.

Now Let’s understand the Law Of Attraction deeply

What is Law OF Attraction?

Law of attraction

It is an Ideology that indicates whatever we thought or focus upon we attract that in our Life. In simple words Thoughts have the ability to turn into reality. We can say it’s a theory that implies that thoughts are the indication of energy, positive energy will bring favorable results and negative energy will bring unfavorable repercussions.

3 crucial steps of Law Of Attraction

1) Ask:

Firstly you have to ask clearly what you want, it should not be in an ambivalent way, it should be a clear communication of what you actually want. For eg if you say I want good score in exam , you should be clear what good score mean to you , you should indicate a particular number like you want 80 or 90. This step is requires you to have clarity in your mind , there should be no uncertainity here.

2) Believe:

Build full trust in our almighty, trust him completely. Have perseverance and be calm till you get what you have asked and remember how is not your concern, you just need to have full trust and believe that your wish is being answered.

3) Receive

Finally, now you are ready to receive what you have manifested, it is somewhat linked to believing process but in an extreme way like we all are aware of Fake it till you make it a thing, this same technique we have to apply in our life we should behave as we already have what we want, For eg if you want the promotion, act as if you already received it be happy for it, express gratitude for it, start working in that way.

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 How do LOA works?

1) It works consistently

Your thoughts are constantly aligned with universe, whatever goes in your mind it sets with the tune of that powerful and everything is influenced by it your feelings, experience and emotions.

2) Firm faith in divine being

Whenever we ask for anything or want to achieve something  we should have a full trust on Universe , on that divine being . We always pray to God but how many of us actually believe that their prayers will be answered and that’s why there is so much negative vibrations, anxieties in our life. So when we fully trust in that spiritual divine being ,without any suspicion and say that for anything I have a firm belief then only you can actually manifest your dream life.

3) Detach from your wish


It’s our human tendency that whenever we ask for anything from universe or God, we keep waiting for it, we become desperate till our wish is fulfilled and start fidgeting which sometimes even lead to our unhappiness and inaction, we become doubtful about the power of universe and then start questioning which all leads to uncertainities and confusions, thus we are unable to manifest our wish. So after asking something just let it go and be happy and positive always.

4)  Self Love

Self love

Self Love indicates that we are fully gratified with ourselves and totally aligned with the power of universe. Suppose you want to manifest soulmate in your life or want to look more attractive it will be only possible when you are full of life and love  then only you can pamper  yourself , have a zeal towards life, in this way you are giving message to universe that yes I am ready to receive whatever I want, in this way you naturally look more attractive and if you are fully confident and accept the way you are it will to attract your perfect soulmate because if you love yourself then you can love others and if you are think you are not capable enough or always have low self-esteem towards yourself you are giving negative message to universe that you are not happy with its creature.

5) Subconscious mind

Sub conscious mind

Well it is easy to manage your thoughts in your conscious mind as you are aware of it but we should also work on our subconscious mind as it’s the whole base of everything if we want to change something we have to start from our subconscious mind only, all our experiences, beliefs and memories are stored in it and it is active all the time so you should constantly aware of it.

For example you want to score above 90 % in a subject but it is your permanent belief that it is impossible for you as you have never scored above 70%  so this thought remains in your subconscious mind .So now if you really want to achieve above 90% you should start working on changing this belief in your sub conscious mind that you have that potential and it is easy for you to achieve the required percentage.

6) Gratitude

Gratitude to Universe

Even for the small things always express gratitude to universe for the food you eat, for water you drink, for this beautiful nature, etc. By expressing gratitude you are raising your vibration , become compatible with that divine being and intensify what all we have.

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