Let’s Reveal the Personality Attributes Through Your Favourite Ice-Cream Flavors

Let’s Reveal the Personality Attributes Through Your Favourite Ice-Cream Flavors

Ice-creams are always the best treat for most people, especially in this month when summers are at the door. Standing in front of the ice-cream parlor, gazing at different varieties, our mouth starts watering and we decide to choose our favorite flavor, but one more interesting thing here is your personality is unveiled by your this decision of your ice-cream flavor.

So, whenever you make a decision, go through this column and see what your flavor tells about you.

1) Vanilla

Vanilla is quite a common ice cream and most of us think they are dull and boring but you will be surprised to know that they are spontaneous and quixotic, they are expressive too, they like to remain in their ideal world, they think subjectively and actually quite colorful.

2) Strawberry

Strawberry Ice cream takers are reticent, they like to lead a solitary life. They are quite tolerant and calm, endure everything smoothly, and are totally dedicated to whatever they do and  are also sensible and think rationally and logically.

3) Chocolate

If you are inclined towards Chocolate tang you are a little skittish and tend to be flirty. Chocolate ice cream lovers are attractive, adorable, and cheerful people, other persons love their company. They like to live life to the fullest in a carefree way and are dramatic also. But they are innocent and credulous, a person can easily keep their secret with them.

4) Pistachio

Obsession with Pistachio ice-creams says that a person is a strong-headed personality, they are eccentric, seek to be different and unique from others, and take pride in it. They adopt an unconventional approach in their life, they have an esoteric philosophy and are quite complicated. They are smart and sophisticated and think whatever they do is right, so they don’t like to change which makes them a little rigid. Lastly, they enjoy the company of like-minded people only.

5) Rainbow

Though it’s colorful ice cream the irony is it has a total contrast with personality, these ice-cream lovers are somewhat negative and show pessimism more often. They are slow decision-makers and very analytical. They get troubled with problems easily and are problem chasers, not solvers

6) Coffee

Lover of Coffee Ice-cream is a Flamboyant Personality, they are super confident about themselves. These are jolly people who enjoy even small things with full blithe. They are a little introverted too and enjoy life in their own company, they are happy in their solitude time.

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7) Caramel

Caramel takers are deep and down-to-earth souls, they are considered all-rounders. They are fond of doing yoga, meditation, and peaceful exercises. Challenging tasks and creative work excites them.

8) Butter Scotch

Butterscotch ice-cream takers like to do the work in a systematic way.They are very organized, prefer things in an ordered way. And look after every minute detail and are wise in their thoughts. They are obedient and adherent to all the rules, norms and ethics is on their topmost list.

9) Banana

Perfectionism defines these people. Banana ice cream lovers are sorted out, peaceful and kind people. You feel quite comfortable in their company. They are rational and think objectively. They embrace a practical and objective approach in their life and are sharp-minded. You can easily rely on them.

10) Rocky Road

People who love this Ice-cream want everything in a standardized way. They have a penchant for magnificence and grandeur lifestyle.  There aura is fairly pleasant, they are characterized as affable human beings.

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