5 Amazing Neon Eyeliner Tips You Need For New Year's Eve

The smokey eye look is a gone story now. While 2020 had been one of the dullest years, there's a need to add some brightness. So, if you're preparing to welcome the new year with utmost positivity, get some neon eyeliner tips from us. Remember, neon is the new electrifying trend you need to sticks by. Since it’s all over Instagram and Pinterest, it’s high time to learn and try some amazing looks for yourself this new year's eve.

Neon Eyeliner Tips You Need Right Away 

This eye makeup will brighten up your holiday season. So, here's all you need to know.

1. Ditch The Rulebook 

The firsts rule for stunning neon eye makeup is that don't get bound to rules. Feel free to experiment with different colors, trends, and styles; who knows what would work out really well. Let there be the brightest eyeliner wing. You may also get playful with contrasting eyeliner colors. Consider pairing up bright violet and neon yellow or orange and electric blue.  

2. Eye Primers Make It Easy 

Dry and parched lids often turn the eye makeup creasy and crinkly. In order to avoid this, we suggest using eye primers. Eye primers are different from regular primers, they are thicker and more sticky. It helps in holding up the eye makeup long for a longer time.

3. Pull It Off With The Eye Shadows 

There are many ways to combine neon eyeliners and eye shadows for an elegant look. If you're not sure how to team them up, consider exploring a few Instagram accounts. Well, it’s simple; color the lids paint the lids with a suitable eye shadow, and then add a stroke of your neon eyeliner. It would be great if you use similar color products in different textures.

4. A Little Sparkle Would Do Wonders  

While neon eye makeup looks stunning, adding a little bit of shimmer to it will make things magical. You don't have to put on shimmer all over the lids, but only around the corners. Applying a little shimmer on the inner corners of the eyes will make them look livelier and wide.

5. Upside Down 

You don't have to follow the herd in order to look your best. While dealing with eye makeup products, feel free to set your own rules. Why not try painting the lower lashline too? There are different options, you can either color block or paint both the lash lines with the same neon eyeliner. Make sure you coat your lashes with mascara.

These easy neon eyeliner tips will surely help you come up with great ideas and makeup looks.