International Yoga Day: 10 Best Poses for Keeping You in a Best Shape

Today 22 June is celebrated as International Yoga Day. No doubt yoga is taking the world by storm. Many people around the globe follow yoga practices to keep themselves in the best shape. Implement the most powerful yoga poses daily in your life, and have a long-term benefit for your health.

The roots of yoga in India are very old. In ancient times our rishis and munis followed this healthy practice to keep their mind calm and bodies healthy. Now everyone knows the value of yoga and many world-famous fitness trainers and health experts involve yoga in their fitness regime.

Today on International Yoga Day, we are talking about the 10 most powerful yoga poses, which keep you in the best shape.

10 most powerful yoga poses to stay in the best shape:

1)Tadasana(Mountain Pose)

Tadasana:10 most powerful pose

One of the powerful yoga poses to keep your body and muscle flexible.

  • Stand straight on the flat yoga mat, with your both feet slightly apart from each other
  • Inhale deeply and raise your hand upward above your crown and interlock your finger
  • Raise your heel and stand on your toes, try to stretch your body upward
  • Then slowly exhale and return back to your normal position

Health Benefit-

It helps you to elevate your mood, and strengthen your nervous system, clear out your lungs and improve breathing, and give relief to your sciatica pain.

2)Pranayama(Deep Breathing)-

Pranayama:10 most powerful pose

During covid, we all know the impact of pranayama on our lungs, hence it is known as a powerful asana to keep you healthy.

  • Sit on the flat yoga mat. In the fresh air environment.
  • Keep your back straight and slowly inhale through your nose.
  • If you reach the maximum capacity of your lungs, then slightly exhale your breath, and relax.

Health Benefit-

Well, breathing has a direct impact on your mind. Giving, you a calm and relaxed feeling. Remove anxiety and Improve cognitive function, reduces high blood pressure, and improve lung capacity.

3)Bhujangasana(Cobra Pose)-

Bhujangasan:10 most powerful pose

Bhujangasana has tremendous health benefits. Keeping it in your daily practices will keep your body in a good shape.

  • Lie down on your stomach.
  • Your palm is facing down, touching the mat.
  • Slowly lift your upper body, especially your abdomen and back area, and place your weight on your hand
  • Keep your neck straight and your eyes looking front side in a serpent position
  • Slowly slowly breathe and then bring your body to a normal position

Health Benefit-

Cobra Pose helps you to relieve back pain. Improve muscle strength and you can improve your sleeping.

4)Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)-

Trikonasan:10 most powerful pose

   This powerful pose works as a warm-up exercise.

  • Stand straight tall on your mat. Move apart your legs
  • Inhale and raise your right hand straight above your head
  • Now bend toward your left side and touch your left feet with your left hand, stay in that position for 10-20sec.
  • Repeat this position with the other side

Health Benefit-

Trikonasana improves your muscle stretch and provides your body balance and stability. Reduce stiffness in your back and spine.

5)Naukasana(Boat Pose)

Naukasan:10 most powerful pose

The name suggests in this asana your body looks like in a boat position.

  • Lie straight on your mat.
  • Inhale deeply and slowly exhale and slowly lift your upper body and legs, it makes a shape of a V
  • Your hands are straight and parallel to the ground
  • Stay in that position for 30 seconds.

Health Benefit-

It is best to aid in digestion problems and reduces your belly fat, and tone up your muscles.

6)Dhanurasana(Bow Pose)-

Dhanurasan:10 most powerful pose

If you are moving toward building healthy muscles. Try this powerful pose to keep you in the best shape and strength.

  • Simply just lie down on your stomach. And then slowly lift your upper body part and your legs
  • Hold your legs with your hand and stay in that position for a few seconds

Health Benefit-

Improve the hip muscle strength and strengthen your upper back, and keep your spine flexible and strong.

7) SetuBandhaSarvangasana(Bridge Pose)-

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana: 10 most powerful pose

For all back pain sufferers, this pose to keep your back pain at bay.

  • Lie down straight on your back, with your knees bent and feet touching the ground.
  • Try to lift your hips and lower back up, while your hand is straight on the ground with your feet firmly sticking on the floor.
  • Try to pull up your hips and lower back more, so that it makes a shape of the bridge.
  • Stay in that position for a few seconds and return to normal.

Health Benefit-

It rejuvenates your tired legs and gives strength to your back. Stretch your chest, neck, and spine.

8)Phalakasana(Plank Pose)-

Phalakasana:10 most powerful pose

In the era of the plank exercise, where every person is doing plank to build up their muscles, this powerful pose improves your shape and muscles.

  • Lie on your stomach
  • Now slowly lift your body, with the help of your wrist.
  • Your wrist should be on the  floor and push upward side with the help of your feet and wrist
  • Keep your whole body straight

Health Benefit-

Plank Pose helps you to maintain balance and coordination, build core muscle strength, and improve metabolism and flexibility.

9)Sarvangasana(Shoulder Stand Pose)-

Sarvangasana:10 most powerful pose

For fitness lovers, this pose is the best option for you.

  • Lie down on your back straight
  • Gently pull the lower part of your body vertically
  • Your leg and abdomen straight facing the sky
  • Try to maintain balance with your palm or hand, which is on your thigh
  • Maintain your position for a few seconds and then return back to your original pose

Health Benefit-

Definitely helps you improve blood circulation, relieve stress, and stimulate your thyroid gland.

10)Paschimottanasana(Seated Forward Bend Pose)-

Paschimottasana:10 most powerful pose

For your overall health, this powerful pose is best, try this pose and enjoy its benefit.

  • Just sit straight on your mat
  • stretch your leg in front of you, touching the floor
  • you can hold your toes with your finger
  • move your head and spine forward, toward your knees
  • your face is bending toward your knees and touching it completely

Health Benefit-

It stretches your body from head to toe, gives you immense relaxation, and stimulates your liver, kidneys, ovaries, and uterus.