Now Oily Skin Will Not Disturb Your Makeup Anymore! Few Methods To Make Your Makeup KLast

If you are worried just because of your oily skin and searching for ways to make your makeup last you are at the correct place. There are many people who are very much anxious due to their oily skin. It makes them forgo makeup. But you should not panic anymore. Just you should know what works with your skin. Here are some ideas from dermatologists, makeup artists, and experts to make your makeup last without any problems. 

Ways To Make Your Makeup Last:

Prime Your Skin First. ALWAYS!

When you have an oily complexion, using a makeup primer helps everything stay put, says Los Angeles-based makeup artist Emily Kate Warren. At least prime the oiliest areas that the T-Zone (forehead, chin, and nose) with an anti-shine primer, oil-free. First clean your face, put it on but before you put on foundation or other makeup. 

Prep your peepers :

Avoid the use of concealers if you want to make your eye makeup creasing. This is something that many females do with dark circles or redness. You can use a primer that is specially designed for eyelids. It will absorb the crease causing oils throughout the day and also creating a perfect canvas for eye shadow.

Avoid Overdoing Powder :

Piling on the powder is not a good idea. Avoid doing it,  cause if you try to go overboard with it will make your pores push out more oil. You can use a matte translucent formula and should apply it to the areas which are shiny. If too much powder is applied in any area then you can blot the over powdered areas by dampening the makeup sponge.

Carry Blotting Papers :

Your makeup may look flawless and bright in the morning but you will lose shine after some time. Use the blotting paper in a way that you should not rub it on your skin but keep it on the area where the skin is oily, press it, and then roll it off your skin. This will remove oil from your skin without taking off your makeup.

Go Oil-Free:

As your skin is oily it produces more than enough oil, you should invest in the products that should be oil-free and non-comedogenic, that is they don’t clog your pores. Excess oil can be cut down through the face cleansers and toners that are infused with glycolic acid. Salicylic acid is another good acid that helps.

Prefer Long Wear:

Use the products which are waterproof, water-resistant, or long wear. As the oil and water can do the same things to makeup it makes it smear, slip, or smudge. The best combo that can be used is water-resistant eyeliner and cream eye shadow over and eye primer.

The Skin Should Be Soft, Not silk :

If you are using anti-aging creams that are fine for nighttime use but use the lighter moisturizer that should hydrate without being oily. It's good to use a serum as it tends to be lighter. You should not let skip sunscreen - look for an oil-free formula. After applying it, use a tissue to remove excess, just place it on the face and press gently.

Reduce Excess Oil:

Treatment masks should be used twice or thrice in a week that is made with kaolin or bentonite clay cause they are best for oily skin types as they can absorb the oil and impurities naturally. A quarter-size mask can be used through your fingers, leave it for 15 minutes and then clean it using water.

Hope this will help you out in your makeup with your oily skin and make your makeup last.