Top 7 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Kid

Christmas day is a celebration of gifts and family love, celebrated on the 25th of December. On this day, families come together and the younger ones in the family get gifts from Santa. Kids desperately wait for this auspicious day with the high expectations to receive gifts from their elders, or Santa Claus only for this reason.

There are many childhood memories related to Christmas gifts. During childhood days, waiting for Christmas gifts and cakes was the best thing. Maybe your first cricket bat was a Christmas present or your first bicycle.

This Christmas, plan some surprise gifts for your children like your parents used to. You can definitely search for Christmas gifts for kids or Christmas gifts for children for many options online. We go a step ahead and have created a list for you, Gift Ideas for children. If you are late and it’s the last moment, worry not, you have come to the right place!

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1. Dabble Organic Crayons

These Crayons make for the perfect Christmas gift as, as they are made from beeswax thus, they are toxin-free and they can help bring out the creativity in your child.

2. KRIWIN Christmas accessories

These Accessories include Christmas themed goggles, wrist band and a Santa Claus Cap, which are perfect for your kid to get into the Christmas theme celebration.

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3. BioQ, DIY Eco-Friendly 3D Xmas Tree

This DIY craft Kit is a perfect Christmas Gift as it will enhance the creative mind of your kid and engage them into something interesting.

4. 13 SOEME Kinetic Sand

This Sand is a safe substitute for the real sand as it can be moulded and never dries, it also comes with moulds to make sandcastles and more, your kid will surely have fun!

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5. ToyCraft Animal Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are great for storytelling and almost every animal story can be animated with them. Finger puppets are also an excellent way of learning to communicate with kids, this makes it an excellent choice for a Christmas Gift

6.jackinthebox Space Themed Craft Kit

If your kid is interested in Space and science, he is not going to be alone, this space kit is an educational and fun activity. This Gift will keep your child engaged and also provide a learning experience.

7. Dabble Baby's Finger Paints

Kids are known for their love for painting the walls with whatever they can find. This Finger paint kit will help them channel their child onto paper with their fingers. This makes an amazing christmas gift for your kid.