Living With Less: Pandemic Life Changes

Living With Less: Pandemic Life Changes

Minimalism encourages owning only the things that you love. Not everything that you have around you adds value to your life. So, why should you let things occupy space when they don’t make any difference to your life.

Minimalism might seem extreme to some people. But for people who follow this philosophy, it is not about deprivation, it is about liberating. The liberty of surrounding yourself with things that you have a connection with and throwing the rest out. 

The Mindset Of Minimalism

More than anything, Minimalism is a mindset, it starts with you making conscious decisions. You start purchasing consciously, you spend consciously.

Minimalists often swear by this famous quote of Marie Kondo- “If it doesn’t spark joy, let go of it.” You only purchase things that give pure joy. Impulse buys during sale season is a big no-no. 


Minimalism During Pandemic 

The Coronavirus pandemic took us through a ‘new normal’ that we didn’t even know was possible. During multiple lockdowns and home quarantine, even the most privileged spendthrifts began to learn the art of minimalism.

Minimalism brings a sense of security during an alarming atmosphere of death and despair. Since going outdoors is not an option, most people are abstaining from gym sessions, public transport, shopping malls and eateries. 

Critical lifestyle changes have taken place in everyone’s life. Packed inside the house, people have started experimenting with the clothes they already had. Many individuals have tried their hands on painting, reading and gardening to cheer their spirits. 

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The Art Of Decluttering

There is an observation that more people across the globe are leaning towards the minimalistic lifestyle as a part of virus preventive measures. No matter how many clothes you have, you will keep only one aside to go to the supermarket. You might be craving something, but you are only going to place the order if it is truly necessary.

The pandemic has taught us to declutter our needs and to make a conscious choice while placing orders. Home quarantine and lockdown have made people conscious of the necessity and benefits of minimalism. Being stuck at home, people have paid attention to what they already have instead of what they need


Minimalism vs Materialism

In India, materialism dominates the lifestyle of most people. Even in the most humble households, you will see a heap of objects that may or may not be used. Women in Indian homes are known to be ‘gatherers’, hoarding onto things that might be useful if a certain situation arises. Storerooms often end up being a pyramid of objects that are not touched in years.

In such a situation, life post-pandemic teaches us that we don’t need much to live comfortably. Post pandemic lifestyle changes include shopping your own wardrobe and home before making a purchase.

‘Intentional’ is the way of life after the pandemic. Before this new world, we were all stuck in a rut. Chasing higher studies, successful careers, consumerism, everything that made us feel better. It is almost like being on a drug. Coronavirus gave a global pause that allowed us to reflect on true needs and happiness. India is comparatively new to the game of materialism and the acquisition of high-end brands. The drug of opulence is new for most Indians but they need to move towards de-addiction in order to live a wholesome life. 

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Pandemic has changed my life in many ways. What are the lifestyle changes you made during this time? Share your experience with us in the comments below. 


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