Local Flower Shop Owner Saved 7 Lives Who Tried To Attempt Suicide

Local Flower Shop Owner Saved 7 Lives Who Tried To Attempt Suicide

One of the most precious gift lords has provided us is “Life.” It’s an endless opportunity to express and discover oneself.  However, the ups and downs of life made some people end their life as they find no other option to deal with tough circumstances. But thanks to brave saviors of country who saves and rescues lives without giving a second thought to their life. One such brave heart and fearless savior is Mohammad Asif Khan, a 23-year-old who serves at the Talaiya Kali temple in Bhopal. Until now, he had saved 7 lives of broke and frustrated people who tried to jump into the pond near this temple to end their life. Moreover, he informs Talaiya police station after successfully bringing them out. Let’s know the inspiring story of Asif in this short guide.

Talaiya Suicidal Point

Ginnori, is a place which proceeds from Talaiya. It’s popularly known as “Suicidal Point.”Frustrated and depressed people come here in an attempt to end their life. However, from the last 12 years Asif is rescuing lives putting his own life in the hands of death.

What Mohmmmad Asif Khan Do? 

Asif khan runs a small shop of flowers and Mata Chunari at Kali Temple for apprioxiamtely ten years. He does this job because his financial situation is not good enough. He also keeps his eyes on what’s happening around the temple to take immediate action on any suicidal attempts.

He recalls an event happened on 10th April 2018, and tells how he saved a man who nearly drowed in the pond. However, he didn’t got any appreication for this great work.

He studied up to fifth standard but has been swimming for more than 12 years. His father Naushe Khan works for a factory to serve the needs of his family.

The Extra Work He Does

Not only he sells prasad and chunari but also clean the temple after work daily. He says, if he can sell prasand and chunari despite being muslim, there’s nothing wrong in cleaning temple as well.

Because of the very fact, people living near him respect him the most. Moreover, when they see Asif in some trouble, they are ready to help him.

Damages He Had

During rescuing, a lot of things like his cell phone has been damaged. Moreover, he even get hurt while taking people out from the pond.

Further, he says it doesn’t matter whether the person drowing is Hindu or Muslim, his duty is to save the life.

We all must encourgae Mohammad Asif Khan for his bravery and great work. He is a true inspiration for the present generation.

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