Looking for An SBI Credit Card? Here's How To Get An SBI Credit Card

Looking for An SBI Credit Card? Here's How To Get An SBI Credit Card

Many people in India are still not familiar and not used to it. Whereas in many counties Credit cards are a very easy-going thing.

In simple words use and then pay concept is a credit card. With a credit card, you can pay and repay the money. Credit cards are used to buy goods and services and can be paid later. Every card has its limit, which can depend on various terms like income, credit score, etc. You can increase your credit limit as the source of your income increases.

State Bank of India provides different types of credit cards according to your usages. You have various options related to which you can select your type of card.

Types of Credit cards:

Lifestyles Cards:

As their name is, these cards are used to maintain your lifestyle privileges and benefits. These are the basic cards, if you prefer offline shopping then this is your card. There are various types of cards in this :

  1. SBI Card ELITE
  2. SBI Card PULSE
  3. Doctor’s SBI Cards
  4. SBI Credit ELITE Advantage

 Rewards cards:

As its name says it all. If you are an online buyer and love buying things online. You can also earn money while spending. Here are some benefits of these cards:

  1. SBI Card Prime
  2. OLA Money SBI Cards
  3. Apollo SBI Card
  4. SBI Card PRIME Advantage
  5. Tata Platinum Card
  6. Tata Titanium Card
  7. Paytm SBI Card SELECT
  8. Paytm SBI Card

Shopping Cards:

These are the cards for the shoppers who love to shop. So, now earn cashback and rewards while spending. Here are the benefits of these cards:

  3. Lifestyle Home Centre SBI Card PRIME
  4. Max SBI Card PRIME
  5. Spar SBI Card PRIME
  6. Lifestyle Home Centre SBI Card SELECT
  7. Max SBI Card SELECT
  8. Spar SBI Card SELECT, etc

Travel and fuel:

These cards are used for traveling especially in IRCTC, and for fuel.

  2. IRCTC SBI Card Premier
  3. Yatra SBI Card
  4. Air India SBI Platinum Card
  5. Mumbai Metro SBI Card, etc

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Banking Partnership Cards

These cards are used for exciting benefits for some particular banks like Central Bank of India, City Union Bank, Allahabad Bank from a banking relationship.

  1. UCO Bank SBI Card ELITE
  2. Central Bank of India SBI ELITE Card
  3. City Union Bank SBI Card PRIME
  4. Allahabad Bank SBI Card PRIME
  5. Karnataka Bank SBI Simply SAVE Card, etc.

Business cards:

These cards help you to grow your business. These are special design cards for businessmen.

  1. SBI Card PRIME Business
  2. SBI Card ELITE Business


  1. Rewards: SBI Credit card provides you with cashback and rewards points, which you can redeem later.
  2. EMI: The cardholder has the benefit to pay the amount in installment.
  3. PayLater: You don’t have to pay immediately, the user can buy the product through a credit card and can pay later.
  4. Worldwide acceptable: the card can be used anywhere and accepted by various vendors.
  5. Add-on cards: You can add another card to your card.


There are various factors that affect your eligibility. Some of the basic requirements:

  1. Age: Applicant’s minimum age is 21 years and maximum 60 years
  2. He/ She must be earning, whether self-employed, salaried, student or retired.
  3. The minimum stable income of the applicant should be Rs. 3 lakhs gross per year.
  4. The age of add-on card applicants is a minimum of 18 years.

Documents Required:

The documents required to apply for a credit card differ according to your occupation. Here are the details related to it:

  1. CIBIL Score should be above 750
  2. Regular source of income
  3. Rs.2 lakh minimum gross salary every year
  4. Last 3 months salary slip
  5. Adhara Card
  6. PAN Card


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How to apply?

Applying for SBI Credit Card is quite easy, you can apply through their official website 

Step 1- Once you open the website, you will get various options for a credit card. You can select a card according to your usage.

Step 2- You have to fill in details in a form, like a Title, First name, email id, City, and mobile number

Step 3- You will receive an OTP in your number. Verify your number

Step 4- You will receive a call from one of the representatives. You can ask questions and complete the documentation.

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