Lost Hobbies Became Passion During Coronavirus Lockdown

Lost Hobbies Became Passion During Coronavirus Lockdown

The world went under a drastic transformation after the coronavirus pandemic hit us. One thing that we all felt post lockdown is “gratitude”. The challenge of living at home for months was life-changing for many. To kill the boredom many people looked for options that would give us a refreshing “change”.

 Some enhanced their skills while some brushed their hobbies which remained untouched due to the busy schedules. Returning to things that we loved gave us peace and strength to fight the stress and somehow to overcome it.

Lockdown also taught us to survive with limited resources and do the best with what was available. As rightly quoted by Oprah Winfrey-

“Follow your passion, it will lead you to your purpose.” 

The lockdown has ended and people are striving to get their lives back on track keeping the “new normal” in mind.

There were people who tried their hands on new things during lockdown, brushed their skills, and continue to do so. Pandemic has given us an opportunity to find and do what we love.

Here are some common things that people took up during the pandemic lockdown and carrying it along post lockdown because “they love doing it”.


The Greens have the power to refresh, energize, and heal us. When people got bored binge-watching some of them found their solace gardening. Since the options were limited they created the best out of waste. “Were we so creative always or is this some lockdown jaadu”? they questioned.

Work from home around a surrounding like this must have been so peaceful.

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Lockdown has taught us not just the importance of food but also the culinary art.  Being alone or with the family having the restaurants being shut we all became master chefs at our home because the foodie glutton in us was craving for mouth-watering dishes. Be it the Dalgona coffee or Pani puri we tried our hands on all.


All-day eating and not exercising made us gain weight.

More than the increase in weight we all needed therapy to calm ourselves. The increasing cases of coronavirus made our anxiety rise to its peaks but yoga and meditation kept us sane. People became so habitual that now even post lockdown they still practice it.


People at home wore their creative caps and starting innovating things in the surrounding to beautiful masterpieces. Home decor was the most prominent thing people indulged themselves in. You don't need expensive murals or vases to make the interior look picture perfect and people proved it.

Collecting some random things from the background and styling them using their imagination.

Collecting the old pickle jars and converting them into pots is a must try.

Old baskets turned into creative wall decor.

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