Love To Eat, Lazy To Cook? Bhopal's First Luxury Supermarket 'Urban Select' Is Where You Should Hook

Love To Eat, Lazy To Cook? Bhopal's First Luxury Supermarket 'Urban Select' Is Where You Should Hook

The pandemic time has taught us how essential food is. If you know cooking it was a blessing for you and people who didn't, suffered a lot. We came across many people who shared their sob stories of not having good food to eat as the pandemic shut restaurant doors as well.

People love to explore various food dishes but everyone is not fond of cooking. Many people look for quick solutions for their untimely hunger attacks or midnight cravings. Getting your favorite dish that gets prepared in minutes can be a great solution for us.

Preparing a dish from the scratch, looking for the ingredients, chopping, preparing can be very time-consuming. In today's' rough schedule instant food is, therefore, a boon for us. But fear of the added preservative in the instant foods can hamper our health. If you get an instant solution for your favorite dish without any preservatives you would be happily smiling and eating it, isn't it?

Here is Bhopal's first Luxury Supermarket URBAN SELECT that has kept your agony of cooking in mind and has made cooking easy and less time taking.

Urban Select is Bhopal's first luxury supermarket that has brought all your favorite brands like Haldiram's, Venky's, Starbucks, Meatzaa, Vezlay, and many more under one roof. 

Ther ready-to-eat products and a huge range of frozen foods are the bestsellers here.

Name it they have it

At Urban Select, you can get frozen foods that can be prepared in less than 5 minutes. Don't worry about the dishes as you can satisfy all your cravings here with delicious wraps, Indian cuisine, and much more. Explore the healthy cooking options as they are abundantly filled with healthy, easy, and delicious items to make your meal the best time of the day.

The huge range of frozen foods has a variety of delicious ready to eat meals and snacks to fulfill your tummy with good food and a satisfying feel.

Trusted brands like Vezlay, which is a huge manufacturer of soya products are available here.

Who said fitness and goodness enriched food can't be tasty? Vezlay is an Indian brand that fulfills your protein and nutritional needs.

You can choose from Indian dishes like Biryani, Matar Paneer, wraps, etc from this humungous range of ready to eat foods. We fret from consuming ready to eat foods as they contain preservatives that help in keeping their life long and fresh. But here at Urban Select, the quality of the food is assured and has no added preservatives in it.

Apart from the delicious foods, the supermarket is filled with lip-smacking, energizing drinks as well. The store has brought together all the big brands like Starbucks, Cravova, Sleepy Owl, Rage, etc,

The 20+ healthy coffee and tea brands help in detoxifying your body and revitalizing your mornings.

Enjoy and start your morning with Ethiopian coffee made with 100% arabica coffee beans.

If fitness is your concern then you have a huge range of big brands to choose from. Do not compromise your fitness and make the best out of it by choosing your product from these brands.

Coffee gives instant energy and these BOLT coffee shots are a great fix.

Urban Select has catered to all your party drink needs. They have a variety of cokes with flavors such as Vanilla and cherry, diet cokes, flavored sodas, and many more instant energy drinks and shakes. They have no added preservatives and also if you are health conscious you can choose your options that have fewer calories and more taste.

If you do not want to consume alcohol then there is no alcohol champagne and wine as well. Raise a toast and enjoy the evening.

We do not get flavours in peanut butter, but if you want to have the taste of chocolate in peanut butter then visit Urban Select to fulfill your wish.

They also have mayonnaise and various spreads that are vegan and gluten-free. They also have dips to enhance your wraps and bruschettas to make your snack time satisfying. Vegans, isn't this the perfect place for you?

We have talked about sods and drinks but have you ever seen BLACK WATER? Yes, they have alkaline water which is great for our health.

Alkaline water has miraculous cleansing properties, it has anti-aging properties, and boosts the immune system as well. It helps in weight loss and provides hydration to the skin making your skin glow.

Looking for a healthy breakfast option. At Urban Select, there is a huge variety of cereals, muesli, cornflakes, and cookies to make your mornings healthy and fulfilling. The ragi cereals are undoubtedly the healthiest breakfast that you can have.

The wide range of cereals comes from trusted brands like Go Nuts, Munchy's, Milka, Epigamia, and many more.

Have a sweet tooth but want to avoid calories? Urban Select has an amazing variety of chocolates, dark chocolates, white chocolates, milk chocolates, from a diversity of brands like Cadbury, Milka, Snickers, Toblerone, Narcis, and many more. Dark chocolates as we know are rich in antioxidants.

It helps in improving the blood flow in our body and improves the functioning of the brain. The gym addicts can also have them worry-free as they do not contain sugar. 

They have a huge range of sweets that are hard to find usually including Baklawa which is a mouth-watering sweet. 

Chocolate hampers are also their best sellers as you can get them for your loved ones and maintain the sweetness of your bond with them. 

The people who are looking for a healthy alternative option for sugar, wheat flour, salt, and much more this place is heaven in disguise. They have premium quality jaggery powder that can be switched with sugar making your food tasty and healthy. The pink Himalayan salt can be a healthy alternative to the usual salt we use. 

Himalayan salt helps in achieving healthy sodium levels and has proven effective in reducing signs of aging.

If you love mangoes and want to relish their taste throughout the year they have Alphonso Aam Ras which is extractedfrom the best mangoes from Ratnagiri.

Spend a cheesy weekend with Urban Select and choose among the variety of cheddar, parmesan, and sliced cheese. To double the fun prepare mocktails at home, select your favorite syrups from the store, and groove with your favorite drink.

Urban Select is undoubtedly the one-stop solution for all your foodie needs. The store opens the gateway to exploring luxurious brands and a variety of foods that are hard to find. Why shop again and again when you can get it all at once. 

Next time if you are craving your favorite food you just have to visit the Urban Select store located at Chuna Bhatti, Bhopal, and fill your basket with all the yummiest things you want to gulp.

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