Meet Nishtha Shrivastava: Bhopal’s Daughter Representing India In Miss Asia International'21

Meet Nishtha Shrivastava: Bhopal’s Daughter Representing India In Miss Asia International'21

“Ambition beats genius 99 percent of the time.” —Jay Leno

Ambition and hard work always take one ahead in life. Dreaming big is essential for making it big in life. When you open to the possibilities, possibilities become realities in life. Such is the story of Nishtha Shrivastava who will be representing India in Milestone Miss Asia International'21 which will take place in Dubai in August 2021.

A Truly Bhopali

Born and brought up in Bhopal, Nishtha is proud of the heritage and culture of her city. A proud Bhopali, Nishtha claims that the kind of support she receives from this city, probably no one else gets that kind of favour. All the best wishes from her loved ones give her all the confidence that she requires.

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Being a big-time foodie, Nishtha is a fan of local street food. Similarly, being a true Bhopali, she loves all the sightseeing places in the city and hangs out at popular spots.

Journey So Far

Nishtha is an IT professional who pursued her artistic dreams and has won several titles so far. She is the winner of Miss India Shining star 2020 and Miss Vivacious. Winning a beauty pageant wasn’t the plan for Nishtha and it came her way when she was at the heights of her writing career.

After writing her bestselling novel ‘Rakshabandhan’ Nishtha realized the liberty she had for exploring herself. By consistently working on herself, she successfully won two beauty titles and she will be representing India on an international platform. Instead of taking this platform as a rigorous competition, Nishtha considers this phase a further exploration for a life-long journey.

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Watch the complete interview of Nishtha Shrivastava to learn about the journey of this young talented daughter of Bhopal.


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