Meet Varenyam Sharma 'The Youngest Runner Of MP'

Meet Varenyam Sharma 'The Youngest Runner Of MP'

We take decades to decide what we want to do in life, but Bhopal’s Varenyam Sharma found out his love for running at the age of 6. Where children are indulged in studies and playing in their free time, Varenyam runs 5 km daily for his passion.

Varenyam’s name has been listed in Madhya Pradesh’s young runners group. Not only this he has touched milestones by registering his name in the India Book of Records for running. Of Course this is just the beginning, the talented child is capable of breaking such world records.

This Is How Varenyam’s Journey Started

Varenyam’s father, Rahul Sharma got to know about Varenyam’s strength of running during the lockdown.

When the coronavirus cases in Bhopal began to rise, Varenyam’s family restricted him from going out. Staying at home made him bored as he started playing games on mobile. The habit of playing games online was very bad and when the lockdown lifted the family members took Varenyam to a nearby park for playing. 

They told him to warm up and he ran two rounds of the park without being much exhausted.That is when the family got to know he has strength to run and can do wonders.

What challenges come in their way?

The only challenge which hinders his practice is the accessibility of ground where he can run fearlessly. His father says:

"I take him either to BHEL ground or to Bittan Market ground where he can run. But the place is not safe for the kids as many people come there for driving practice as well."

They cannot leave the child unattended which becomes a problem in Varenyam’s practice.

Varenyam holds the record of running 251 km in 53 hours in 31 days.

Varenyam’s Achievement on 26th January

India celebrated 72nd Republic day on 26th January. This was indeed a big day for us and Varenyam made it even more special. He ran for 8.5 km with tricolor in his hand. He started from Sagar Life Style Tower Society located near Salaiya at 6:15 am and stopped at Barkatullah University completing 8.5kms. 

The target which was set was of 7.1 km but Varenyam shocked us by doing more than expected. He took 52 minutes to complete the run and became an inspiration for us. 

To derive the maximum energy from the food, Varenyam does not eat outside junk food. He follows a healthy lifestyle in which he eats fresh fruits and vegetables.

Varenyam is a true example that age does not matter if you have the will and courage to fulfill it. His dreams are very high and aims to achieve the best in the field. He will surely make the nation and his parents proud.

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