Mika Singh Lashes Out At KRK: ‘I’m Your Daddy, Not Karan Johar or Anurag Kashyap'

Mika Singh Lashes Out At KRK: ‘I’m Your Daddy, Not Karan Johar or Anurag Kashyap'
Mika Singh Slams KRK

Singer Mika Singh and self-proclaimed critic Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK are constantly involved in verbal attacks on Twitter. All of this started when Mika Singh espoused Salman Khan over a defamation case. Mika denounced KRK on Twitter and said that ‘the actor-critic only picks soft targets’.

Responding to an Internet user, Mika Singh stated that “KRK won’t mess with his father and sarcastically requested his son (KRK) should unblock him on Twitter”. He also asserted, “I’m not Karan Johar or Anurag Kashyap, I’m his father”. Recently Mika declared that he will release a Diss song about Kamal R Khan titled ‘KRK Kutta’. He even called KRK a ‘donkey and a monkey’. Watch the following tweets about it.


KRK’s Response to Mika

To this criticism, KRK retaliated by terming Mika as ‘chirkut singer on Twitter and claimed he was seeking publicity.

 “Now a Chirkut singer wants to jump in the matter to get publicity. But I won’t give him. Kood Beta, Jitna Koodna Hai. Tujhe Toh Bhav Bilkul Nahi Doonga! Kyonki Teri Aukaat Hi Nahi Hai (Son, get excited all you want. I will not give you attention at all because you do not have the stature for it),” KRK tweeted.

 Salman Filed a Defamation Suit Against KRK


Earlier KRK said lots of nasty things about Salman. He tweeted, “Whoever speaks against him, he destroyed his career”. And secondly, he said, “Main Iska Career Chaupat, Isko Sadat Par Le Aaoonga”. And a lot more sordid things. 

Hence Salman Khan sued Kamal R Khan for defamation. To this KRK responded that this case is the result of a negative review of Radhe. But Salman’s legal team has clarified that the defamation suit has been filed for ‘publishing and endorsing defamatory allegations’ and calling Salman ‘corrupt’ and’ dacoit’.

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 Meanwhile, Mika has shown support to Salman and said “I am surprised Salman Bhai waited so long to file a case against him. Donkeys like him should be tamed as soon as possible.

 To all this KRK promised that he will not review Salman’s films as the actor gets too much affected by reviews. But after that, he deleted his tweets and said he’d continue to review each of Salman’s Films.

KRK Locks his Twitter Account

 Well now after the escalation of scuffles, Kamal Khan locked his Twitter account. He has changed his settings and made it a private one. And now only his followers can see his updates.

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