Mini Cakes: The Trending Cake Revolution

Mini Cakes: The Trending Cake Revolution

We’ve got to thank the Greeks for introducing us to the heavenly taste of cakes. Introducing our taste buds to a delicacy that has a fluffy base and rich and creamy dressing..Cakes!. Cakes which was initially an annual affair now does not require any designated occasion. With time cakes have become a synonym of celebration.

Adjusting itself to the needs of the people various flavours were introduced. We’ve to appreciate the alterations cakes make to satisfy our sweet tooth. It all started from sweetened breads and now we have ample of flavours available.

The cake revolution does not end here. Introducing us with the mini cakes has been the best trend the bakers have got for us. Let’s know more from the legendary home bakers of Bhopal about mini cakes and satiate our cravings for them.

Baked@186° by Surabhi Maheshwari

Surabhi Maheshwari, the Cake Designer and Pastry chef talks about how mini cakes are becoming people’s favourite. Talking about how the concept of mini  cakes came into existence Surabhi says:

“If you are living alone and you crave for cakes, mini cakes are the best option to choose. The bigger cakes are too much for an individual to finish, so mini cakes are a cute and appealing dessert for your sweet tooth.”

The mini cake weighing 200 grams which can be customised as per our favourite flavour and design is the best blessing they have given us.

Surabhi is an alumni of Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts

Surabhi is a home baker and likes to make fresh cakes. So she bakes only when she has orders ensuring the cakes delivered are fresh and lip-smacking. 

Talking about the response from the customers, Saurabhi says:

"Bhopal is a growing city and therefore people are loving the new concept of mini cakes. I am overwhelmed with the pleasing response from my customers."

The customization is available at Baked@186°. Talking about it she even shared:

“I once created vanilla caramelized honey almond cake because honey and almonds were the birthday girl’s favourite".

Her speciality is her creativity of mixing the flavours and giving an unusual yet delicious twist to cakes.

“My speciality is that my products are highly customizable. I don’t just make the basic flavours and theme specific designs, but, I also create flavours according to the customer’s requirements.”

Different pastry chef's make delicious cakes in tgheir own style but one thing that remaions constatnt is love and dedication. 

La Verano By Parul Sharma

Parul Sharma, the proud owner of La Verano talks about her "not so planned plan" of coming into baking. Parul used to make cakes at home, but La Verano was an unpanned yet beautiful outcome. She mentioned how the pandemic and lockdown turned her life 360 degree.

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"I was about to join a Japanese bakery in Delhi, but the lockdown happened. I waited for 1-1.5 months for a job then thought of setting up La Verano."

The interesting name has a meaning that defines its existence. Since she started off in summer so La Verano means summer in Spanish.

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Parul talks about how people have started switching to mini cakes instead of full size cakes.

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Talking about the trending changes in cakes Parul introduced us to the Pinata Cakes which is a unique variety of cake. 

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The outer shell has to be broken with a hammer to reach the core. How cool it is.

Be it mini cakes, pinata cakes or sugar flowers Parul has been innovating her baking game. 

Next time if you are craving for cakes and you don't want to consume more calories just order a mini cake.

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