MIT-WPU Introduces New Vertical WPU RISE

MIT-WPU Introduces New Vertical WPU RISE

MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU) introduced its new online vertical - World Peace University RISE (WPU RISE) last week. This new operation aims at bringing industry-relevant education in the areas of Science, Technology, and Management to students around the world. MIT-WPU and KPMG came together for the first time to accelerate the launch of MIT-WPU RISE.

To aid the education sector, the Visionary Educationist, the Managing Trustee & Executive President, Shri Rahul V Karad spoke about the venture. “WPU RISE was introduced with the intent to increase MIT-WPU’s reach. It also focuses on making quality education accessible to the youth throughout the world. The institute believes that education is the first step to bring any form of change - small or monumental. This belief makes us focus strongly on making holistic education commonplace for students worldwide through WPU RISE.” 

Data Science Program

WPU RISE is all set to starts its first program - Program in Data Science in June 2021. It has collaborated with the leading consulting firm in India for the program and includes over 350 hours of live and self-paced lectures. It also contains prime projects, internship options, and mentorship by industry experts.

Through this program, WPU RISE intends for the career improvement of students. It also aims at further skill up-gradation, bringing academia researchers and requirements of industry and corporate world together. The program is carefully curated and brought together by faculty and highly experienced Data Science consultants.

The course will include a hybrid model of delivery, i.e., online education and self-paced content. The program is created with a robust delivery model, consisting of online study material, weekend live sessions, practical projects, and career support during and make the learners industry-ready after the end of the program.

The Chief Business Officer of WPU RISE, Gaurav Bhatia said, “Through these courses, we plan to bridge the gap between academic community and industry. In 2020, there were lakhs of job opportunities in the field of Data Science in India. Only a few qualified candidates were eligible to undertake these roles."

He added, "According to a study by the World Economic Forum, we are anticipated to see more than 11.5 million vacancies in the field of Data Science by 2026. Keeping this in mind, we decided to introduce a program in Data Science powered by MIT-WPU. We employed industry leaders in the same to ensure that the needs of the dynamic corporate environment are being catered to. Additionally, we aim to upskill every student and make them launch new and lucrative careers.”   


Recently introduced, WPU RISE is MIT-WPU’s virtual learning platform, where industry expertise meets international academic excellence. WPU RISE provides students a range of courses and programs that assist students and young professionals. It not only assists them but also provides them new skills and knowledge.

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MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU) has a legacy of 40 years in educating India’s youth. MIT-WPU is known as India’s 3rd best private university and possesses an acclaimed faculty. It boasts over 1,00,000 of a global alumni network while offering more than 100 UG and PG programs.

The university is also famous for its prolific job placements and career support. Some of their prominent programs include Engineering, Economics, Management,  Law, Governance, Science, Liberal Arts, and Journalism.

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