10 Heavenly Gorgeous Lakes in India You Should Visit to Unwind

10 Heavenly Gorgeous Lakes in India You Should Visit to Unwind
10 Most Beautiful Lakes in India to Visit

Being closer to the most beautiful lakes in India sparks an unusual feeling and charges your soul.

The sight is so refreshing and awe-inspiring that you would not even feel the need for any company.

Taking a dip into that natural beauty is even more satisfying.

It vanishes all your worries, and stress, and infuses new energy making you feel as if you are reborn.

You get that kind of feeling only at these 10 colorful and famous lakes of India.

10 Most Beautiful Indian Lakes to Visit For a Fresh Start

1. Lake of the Moon

chandrataal lake

Chandratal Lake aka Lake of the Moon is spellbinding and attracts thousands of travelers every year.

This crescent-shaped moon lake is resting at an altitude of 4300 m in the lap of the Himalayas.

Surrounded by rugged mountains and carpeted by diverse fauna and flora, Chandratal Lake is a paradise for tourists.

Location- South West of Himalaya in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Getting there- Take a bus from Manali to Kaza early in the morning and stop at Batal. Hike your way to the lake.


Chandratal Lake changes color. As you spend a day absorbing its beauty, you’ll see the lake painted in red, orange, blue, and emerald green color. 

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2. Chilika Lake

chilika lake birds

If you have never seen dolphins in your life, Chilika Lake of Odisha is giving you a chance.

Water is quite salty here giving a perfect living environment to Irrawaddy and bottlenose dolphins in Chilika Lake.

Visit this beautiful lake during the winter season as it's when thousands of migratory birds fly to Chilika Lake. 

If you are lucky, you will see common coot, gadwall, northern pintail, and other migratory birds here.

Location- Odisha

Getting there- Balugaon, Satapada, Barkul, and Rambha are the entry points from where you can arrive at this most beautiful lake.


Chilika Lake is only second after Vembanad lake of Kerala in terms of size. It is not just the biggest but also the largest lagoon lake in India.

3. Tso Moriri

Tso Moriri lake

The Mountain Lake has surreal beauty adorned by shades of blue water. Your eyes will get stuck on the calm water of Tso Moriri and your heart won’t stop pounding.

Its unavoidable charm is one reason but the location of Tso Moriri is the real reason that makes you gasp for air.

Location- Line of Actual Control in Ladakh

Getting There- By road is the best way to reach Tso Moriri.

Follow this route to reach the lake- Leh-Karu-Upshi-Kumdok-Kere-Chumathang-Mahe-Sumdo-Korzok.


Tso Moriri lake is located 4000 m above the sea in the Rupshu valley which makes it the largest high-altitude lake in India. It is also the World’s highest Ramsar site.

[ Note- You cannot visit the mountain lake without an inner line permit since it falls within the LAC.

Also, avoid visiting during winter as the weather is very harsh then.]

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4. Naini Lake

most beautiful lakes in india

A place for romance seekers. Naini lake in Nainital is loved by tourists who fall deeply in love with the panoramic surroundings here.

While appreciating the gorgeousness of this beautiful lake in India, you can enjoy boat paddling, kayaking, and yachting.

This lake is one of the best places to visit in Nainital.

Location- Kumaon, Uttarakhand

Getting There- Those who want to take a trip here should land at Kathgodham Railway station. It is close to Nainital town.

5. Kodaikanal Lake

kodaikanal lake

If the north and east part of India is blessed with the most beautiful lakes, the South is not behind.

This beautiful lake in South India deserves a special mention in the list because it is man-made and heavenly gorgeous.

Location- Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Getting There- Get to the Kodaikanal bus stand and hire a taxi to reach the lake.

6. Pichola Lake

pichola lake udaipur

How can we miss the city of lakes when talking about the most beautiful lakes in India?

Pichola Lake is bewitching due to the scenic Jag Mandir.

One can experience this beautiful scenery from the balcony of the Lake Pichola Hotel.

A night walk to the lake or a sunset boat ride is the best thing to do in Udaipur with your partner.

Location- Udaipur, Rajasthan

Getting There- Book a rickshaw or cab from Udaipur city to reach Lake Pichola.

7. Dal Lake

dal lake

Srinagar’s Jewel, Dal Lake is an ointment for your sore eyes. The crystal clear water reflecting the majestic hills and wooden houses surrounding the lake is no less than an art.

During the dawn and dusk, the view of Dal Lake is even more captive.

Location-  Srinagar

Getting There- Take a public transport vehicle to Lal Chowk and ride a bus to Dal Lake.


Dal Lake is the second-largest lake in J&K.

8. Vembanad Lake

Vembanad Lake

For an earthy feeling, a direct connection with nature, and an escape from the hustle-bustle of the city, come to Vembanad Lake.

Coconut trees lining the edges and Kettuvallam (houseboats) slitting the water of Vembanad will soothe your mind.

Take a ride to these thatched roofs boats if you wish to explore the ends of Vembanad Lake.

Location- Kumarakom

Getting There- Any public transport will take you directly from Kumarakom to Vembanad Lake.


Vembanad has both brackish and freshwater separated by a saltwater barrier.

9. Upper Lake

upper lake bhopal

Our list of the most beautiful lakes in India is incomplete without mentioning the artificial lake of Bhopal.

Nestled in the city of lakes, the upper lake is a popular tourist spot and sightseeing point in Bhopal.

Location- Bhopal

Getting There-  Since Bada Talab aka Upper Lake is very famous in Bhopal, reaching there is not a big deal.

Tell your taxi driver to take you there and you’d be there in no minute.

10. Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake

This lake is not only extremely gorgeous due to the white snow-covered mountains on its side, but also a reason that it never freezes.

Yes, despite being in Sikkim where the weather is usually cold one part of Gurudongmar never gets covered by ice.

See it by yourself if you don’t believe us.

Location- Mangan District, Sikkim

Getting There- Get to Lachen from the airport and take a 3-4 hour ride to the lake.


Gurudongmar Lake has taken the name of the founder of Tibetan Buddhism- Guru Rinpoche.

Final Words

top 10 beautiful lakes

Visiting these most beautiful lakes in India is like you are in a different world.

Away from city life and close to a place where the clear sky meets the dense water and golden sun rays talk with mountains.

Mild wind greets you with love when you are here.

No other holiday destination can make you feel this way as the atmosphere around these lakes does.

So, when are you traveling to these famous lakes in India?

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