Most Rare Plants in the World: From Lipstick Plant to Vegetable Sheep That Exist for Real

Most Rare Plants in the World: From Lipstick Plant to Vegetable Sheep That Exist for Real
Most Rare Plants in the World: From Lipstick Plant to Vegetable Sheep That Exist for Real

Just like humans, some plants are also weird. They are unusual in their shape, color, and even posses strange properties. Researchers have discovered one such recently and it’s called the Indian lipstick plant. Sounds bizarre? It’s not alone; there are several rare plants in the world that can blow your mind and are worth knowing about.

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Rare Plants in the World You Won't Believe Exist for Real

1. Indian Lipstick Plant

Botanical Survey of India found a century-old plant in Andhra Pradesh which first came to light in 1912. Its scientific name is Aeschynanthus monetaria Dunn which comes from the Greek word aischyne and means ‘to feel embarrassed.’

Except its name, the plant has nothing much special and has bright red in color. If seen as a whole, it looks similar to a lipstick. If this has raised your interest, others in our list of rare plants in the world are strange enough to satisfy you.

2. Baseball Plant

Euphoria obese, a ball shaped plant which doesn’t even look like a real plant. It grows only in South Africa and that to be in the Great Karoo region. Baseball plant has several divisions and grows in a circular shape to give it a real ball shape but  the size is not limited to a baseball size.

The plant is an endangered species but no longer is grown only in Africa; botanical gardens around the world have started adopting it.

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3. Bleeding Tooth Fungus

Sounds scary? Well, it’s actually edible. Bleeding tooth fungus, also known as, hydnellum peckii is an unusual for the blood or blood-like liquid on its surface. It grows in Europe and North America and found in pink and orange color.

4. Corpse Plant

Titan arum also known as amorphophallus titanium is the largest unbranched flower in the world. It only grows in Indonesia and bloom once in a decade. Once fully bloomed, the flower lasts only 2 days. Therefore, people around the world come to see it but unlike other flowers, corpse flower doesn’t smell pleasant. It smells like a rotten flesh.

5. Hydnora Africana

Also known as Jackal Food, this plant is both dangerous and good. It eats insects by setting a trap for them which also helps in pollination. But, animals and even some people eat fruit of this orange-brown plant which has no leaves, no chlorophyll.

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6. Vegetable Sheep

No we have not written it incorrectly, this is actually a plant that grows in New Zealand. The outer surface of vegetable sheep has wooly appearance but its interior is very soft. This is to help the plant survive in rocky areas with no or less water. Scientific name of vegetable sheep is Rubraoulia Rubra.

7. Jellyfish Tree

Ever seen a jellyfish on a tree? Go to Seychelles to see this rare plant whose scientific name is Napoleonaea Imperialis. Growing jellyfish tree is quite a challenge and it was once thought to be extincted from the world. But, there are only 80 such plants that grew naturally. Scientists are trying to grow more in artificial conditions.

8. Living Stones

Many call them bizarre because of their stone like appearance, but it’s beautiful and comes in different colors. Living stones need no soil or much water to grow and even survive harsh conditions. Their unique shape protects them from getting consumed by animals. When bloom, they look even more beautiful than before.



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