Most Worthwhile Places Around India To Welcome New Year 2021

Most Worthwhile Places Around India To Welcome New Year 2021

To all of us, 2020 had been havoc with all the undesirable surprises. While the world has shaken up completely, people are only wishing this year to end up soon. This year, the New Year is likely to be different with our fingers crossed, and hopeful moves to lead better lives. However, you cannot ignore the fact that you deserve a getaway, with the new year at least.

After a long period of isolation at homes, moving out is absolutely worth it. If you're seeking some considerable suggestions to cherish the booze with friends and family, we are here with them. Since social distancing is going to be a major concern while traveling this year, your choices and plans should be directed likewise. Here are some of the best travel destinations you can escape to.

Best New Year Getaways This Year 

1. Gangtok 

Well, Gangtok is for people who would skip cocktail parties for nature's delight and adventures. With extreme natural beauty, it is one of the best places you will ever explore in India. So, if you were seeking a relaxing escape into lush greenery, Gangtok is the best visit at this time. Bring back a new self, this New Year.

2. Coorg 

Coorg is one of the most popular places among holiday goers. Known for its scenic surroundings and pleasant weather, it could be a great holiday escape this season. While the spice gardens and tea plantations add to its beauty, you will have a great time exploring them. When you're here, make sure you don't miss out on the Kodava cuisine.

3. Goa  

It's not at all a new thing that people fantasize about perfect holidays in Goa. It has been the most favorite destination out of all others and this is certainly a great time to be at the place of your dreams. There's no second opinion when we say it is the best destination to celebrate New Year and enjoy the much-wanted booze. Dotted with shacks, huts, bars, and luxury hotels, Goa has almost all kinds of experiences to offer you.

4. Udaipur  

If you wish to live the royal life and experience the best of luxuries, Udaipur would be the best destination to look up to. It's an evergreen place to visit in Rajasthan for worthwhile experiences. This place has numerous hotels, resorts, and palaces settled at spectacular locations which make them never-to-miss. Various prominent locations in the city also host, amazing New Year Eve celebrations. As the clock strikes twelve, you can enjoy the stunning fireworks with your beloved.

5. Andaman & Nicobar Islands 

If you are someone who loves beaches and are seeking escapes from the hustling world, Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a perfect option for a beach holiday that isn't as low-key as it may sound. These islands which may generally appear serene and calm become hubs for enthusiastic New Year's eve celebrations. If you wish to try something new, you may go on for a yacht holiday as well.

6. Puducherry  

Puducherry or Pondicherry is also known to be one of the most happening places for New Year's eve celebrations. Parties here, continue till the wee hours just like the ones in Goa. There are meditation centers and ashrams where you can spend your days. While you want some time filled with peace and solace, it's a perfect holiday option.

Whether you are seeking a well-planned holiday or a low-key weekend getaway, the above-mentioned destinations are always the best options for new year celebrations this year.

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