National Doctor’s Day: A Look At Some Doctors Who Are Going Beyond The Limits To Help People

National Doctor’s Day: A Look At Some Doctors Who Are Going Beyond The Limits To Help People

Doctor-a person who reduces everyone’s pain since childhood. No matter what the disease is or how severe the injury is, doctors have remedies for every ailment.

Doctors are the real heroes and during the time of the pandemic, they have gone beyond limits to help people. They are truly guardians who protect us from several dangerous illnesses and diseases.

This Doctor’s Day, let us have a look at some doctors who went beyond their limits to save people’s lives.

Dr. Victor Emmanuel

Dr. Victor Emmanuel is a 60-year old doctor from Hyderabad who has been constantly treating the unprivileged population of society. He treats anyone who has a white ration card or food security card with a minimal amount of Rs.10.

He also provides medical care to soldiers without charging any fees. During the pandemic, Dr. Emmanuel has served an average of more than 100 patients each day. He and his team also provide food to the people in need.

Swati Bheemgaz

You might have probably seen Swati Bheemgaz, a nurse from Chhatisgarh in a viral video. In Bilaspur, when a hearing-impaired covid-19 patient Anand Rai was hospitalized, Swati made every effort for his well-being.

The doctors and nurses faced difficulties communicating with Anand. Due to miscommunication both the doctors and patient couldn’t understand each other properly.

When Swati saw his struggle, she learned sign language from YouTube to understand Anand’s suffering. Since then she communicates with him and spends a good time with him so that he doesn’t feel lonely.

Dr. Abhijeet Sonawane

With the vision of changing the world, Dr. Abhijeet Sonawane has been treating the homeless and unprivileged people for free. He not only provides medical care to the poor people for free but has also initiated “Beggars to Entrepreneurs”. He introduced this program to provide needy people a life full of dignity. Notably, he has already helped 37 senior citizens in quitting begging and starting their own small ventures.

He is single-handedly working for a noble cause. Truly he is a hero in a white coat.

Dr. Jigmet Wangchuk

42-year-old Jigmet Wangchuk has been working actively to keep the villagers of eastern Ladakh safe from Covid-19. Though some medical professionals are trained to handle the situation, the area has poor medical facilities and poorly equipped hospitals.

He has been visiting infected people in their homes in Barma, Tangtse, Khera Pullu, and Shashikul. He has also made efforts to spread awareness about Covid-19 and established an isolation facility at Phobrang and Yourgo.

These facilities include four oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, PPE kits, and pulse oximeters. Also, he has trained his team to aid the troops at the LAC.

The list of the heroes in the white coat doesn’t end here. Every doctor in India is a guardian going beyond the limits to treat people. We salute every doctor of the nation. We wouldn’t be healthy and fit without you. We thank all the doctors for their selfless efforts to save our life.

Happy Doctor’s Day!!!!

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